Zigbee Wifi Soil Mix Sensor Style Essay

ZigBee Wireless Soil Dampness Sensor Design for

Vineyard Management System

Big t. A. S. Achala Perera

A thesis submitted to Auckland University of Technology in

fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of

Philosophy (MPhil)

May 2010

School of Engineering

Principal Supervisor: Dr John Collins



In completing this study I received help from a number of people. Initial I must say thanks to my director Dr John Collins intended for his support, guidance and advice during the course of this analysis.

I must also thank AUT technician Brett Holden who guided and advised me with analogue circuit style.

Finally, due to my friends and family because of their support during the course of my exploration.


Assertion of Creativity

‘I hereby declare this submission is definitely my own function and that, to the best of my own knowledge and belief, it has no material previously published or written by another person neither material which will to a substantial extent have been accepted to get qualification of any other degree or degree of a college or university or other institution of higher


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acknowledgements. '

Achala Perera

31/05/ 2010






Consequential Research Outputs

Through the undertaking with this thesis, the writer experienced following exploration outputs.


Perera To. A. S. A and Collins T. D (2009). Wireless Garden soil Moisture Sensor for Vineyard Soil Monitoring. The sixteenth Electronics New Zealand Conference Dunedin Nov 18-20, 2009 ISSN: 978-0-473-16099-9

Ghobakhlou A, Sallis G, Diegel To, Zandi S i9000 and Perera A (2009). Wireless Sensor Networks to get Environmental Info Monitoring. eighth Annual IEEE Sensors Conference Christchurch March 25-28, 2009

Ghobakhlou A, Perera A, Sallis L, Diegel U & Zandi S (2009). Environmental Monitoring with Wifi Sensor Network. The sixteenth Electronics Fresh Zealand Convention Dunedin The fall of 18-20, 2009 ISSN: 978-0-473-16099-9 Ghobakhlou A, Perera A, Sallis S & Zandi S (2010). Modular Messfuhler Nodes for Environmental Data Monitoring. The 4th Worldwide Conference upon Sensing Technology Lecce Italy June approximately for five, 2010



The soil level of moisture is one of the important aspects, which in turn controls the caliber of the vineyard grown in vineyards. The primary objective of the research is to investigate the development of an affordable soil water sensor, that can be used in a ZigBee fine mesh network.

ZigBee is a new mesh networking standard, which will places focus on low cost messfuhler networks and energy conservation. The development target for ZigBee is remote control monitoring and control applications. Manufacturers remain improving their ZigBee gadgets and ZigBee software piles.

The ZigBee based The state of texas Instruments CC2430 microcontroller was selected because the wifi sensor components for this research.

Micro climate weather train station was

made to monitor the vineyard environmental data just like temperature, pressure, sunlight, moisture, leaf wetness and soil moisture and temperature. The wireless dirt moisture sensor is a single main element of the tiny climate weather station. The 2 probe dirt moisture sensor uses the standard principle of any series given Hartley oscillator frequency switch due to the different dielectric regular of the ground according to the garden soil Volumetric Drinking water Content (VWC). When the garden soil VWC boosts, the dielectric constant likewise increases while the oscillator frequency diminishes. This standard principle is used measure the ground moisture content material.

Both the soil moisture sensor and mini climate weather station have been developed and tested with the ZigBee fine mesh network topology. The soil moisture sensor was analyzed and calibrated, using two different garden soil types.

This kind of research has efficiently achieved their objectives and identifies areas for future development.

The 3rd version of the micro local climate weather stop is below

development with all the focus on do it yourself design, and a new...


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