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Diagnostic Case Study

Inquiries to consider the moment formulating an analysis for


Type in the questions for the case you may have selected. Then answer every single question.

1 ) When behavior of running away, truancy, self-destruction takes place, can you choose not to do it?

2 . How do you feel right after operating away?

several. What are a number of the specific circumstances and feelings prior to working away?

4. How do you feel after getting substantial and having sex with a stranger?

5. Will you believe your drug use and alcoholic beverages use influences your vocal singing agenda?

six. Do you truly feel another reaction or approach could be found in reacting to rules you never like?

Circumstance Workbook

(From Corcoran, M. & Walsh, J. (2009). Mental health in interpersonal work (Appendix).

Part you, Multi-Axial Diagnosis: Given the case information and your responses to the questions following your case, prepare the following: a multi-axial diagnosis, the rationale for the prognosis and GAF score, and extra information you would have desired to know to make a more appropriate diagnosis.

Multi-Axial Diagnosis


Axis We: 318. 82 Conduct disorder/childhood-onset type, extreme 309. 0 Adjustment disorder

305. 00 Alcohol Abuse

305. 60 Cocaine Abuse

Axis II: V71. 09 Zero Diagnosis

1 ) Acting away

2 . Refusal

3. justification

Axis 3: hypothyroidism, needs a thyroid hormone medication , levothyroxine, used newspaper clips on carving in to herself this got her into a psychiatric hospital. Forbids suicide, proceeded to go home received in fight with her mother and consumed kit cleaner

Axis 4: Multiple busts for working away.

Educational deficits as a result of truancy

Non flexible willpower by Stage Father

Adjustment issues and conflict with stepfather

Digesting information of biological Daddy molesting sister

Processing Mothers Illness with Cancer

Exclusion from home

Few positive good friends...


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