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Essay Title: Thematic Analysis associated with an interview in Friendship: A Quantitative statement

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Thematic Research of an interview on Companionship: A Quantitative report Marium Akhund


Middlesex University


Dr Hyland

April 19, 2012

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Examine design/Methods5


Initial codes6

General themes7

Overarching theme8



Appendix A11

Appendix B11



This is a qualitative statement using thematic analysis to explore the perspective and understating of friendship of your young mature. The individual was a feminine university student, Shazia. The data was your transcript and a 15-minute video of a semi-structured interview and after a procedure, of coding, general designs were produced. These styles were lifestyle, growing up, and actions. The themes were then categorized underneath the umbrella with the overarching concept of the developing and maintaining camaraderie by growing, sharing, and exchanging. Simply by analyzing the transcript, it absolutely was discovered that Shazia and her close friends distributed and changed their ethnicities, experiences, maturities, and activities in order for all their friendships to remain strong and this outcome can be supported by several studies. Further more research is advised for retaining a a friendly relationship


Friendships between people have existed through time and amongst different cultures. Developmental specialists, social specialists, and behaviorists, among others, have a long history and are investigating the straightforward yet intricate facets of camaraderie.

The present study can be described as qualitative report using thematic analysis of the interview in friendship. Braun and Clarke (2006) specify thematic examination as a method of reporting designs in data by distinguishing and considering patterns that may be present. Qualitative research is interested in meaning instead of with dimension as with quantitative analysis. For this reason, a semi-structured interview with a university student utilized to perform this analysis as opposed to the assortment of numerical data. The aim of this research is to explore friendship through the perspective of the young university student. The researcher was enthusiastic about discovering what friends mean to the player and what type of friends they like and whether this changed or perhaps developed

across period. Other qualitative research upon friendship incorporates a study simply by McAdams and Losoff (1984) who looked at the types of inspiration for children to formulate friendships inside their qualitative exploration. They done a thematic analysis of interviews with schoolchildren as well story showing exercises. Hays (1984) looked into how relationships are designed and maintained. His examine focused on the introduction of a relationship from an acquaintanceship to friendship. In 1985, Hays conducted an additional study regarding friendship. This longitudinal research, targeted on undergraduate university students, also dedicated to how companionship develops through the passage of your time. The formation of friendship in university holiday accommodation was researched by Newcomb in 1961 and also Priest and Sawyer in 1967 (as cited in Nahemow and Lawton, 1975, p. 206). Both researches discovered that more powerful ties were developed among students whom lived in close proximities and had similar attitudes. Graham and Cohen (1997) examined the roles of sex and race inside the development of peer relationships. These people were interested in discovering how the participation of sexual intercourse as well as the cultural background performed a part in how...

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