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Chapter 8

Audit Planning and Analytical Techniques

Review Questions

8-1There are three primary benefits from planning audits: it assists the auditor obtain enough appropriate data for conditions, helps keep review costs sensible, and helps prevent misunderstandings while using client.

8-2Eight major steps in planning audits are:

1 . Accept consumer and conduct initial organizing

2 . Be familiar with client's business and sector

3. Evaluate client organization risk

5. Perform first analytical techniques

5. Collection materiality, and assess acceptable audit risk and natural risk six. Understand interior control and assess control risk

six. Gather info to assess fraudulence risks

almost eight. Develop overall audit technique and examine program

8-3The new auditor (successor) is required by simply auditing requirements to communicate with the predecessor auditor. This enables the heir to obtain information about the client so that he or she may well evaluate if to accept the engagement. Permission must be from the client just before communication could be made due to confidentiality need in the Code of Specialist Conduct. The predecessor is necessary to respond to the successor's request for information; however , the response may be limited to stating that no details will be offered. The replacement, beneficiary auditor must be wary in case the predecessor is reluctant to provide information about the client.

8-4Prior to accepting a customer, the auditor should investigate the client. The auditor ought to evaluate the patient's standing in the business community, economic stability, and relations with its previous CPA firm. The principal purpose of fresh client analysis is to determine the sincerity of the consumer and the possibility of fraud. The auditor ought to be especially interested in the possibility of deceptive financial confirming since it is definitely difficult to find out. The auditor does not want to unnecessarily expose himself or their self to the possibility of a lawsuit for failure to discover such scams.

8-5Auditing standards require auditors to file their comprehension of the terms of the engagement with all the client in an engagement page. The involvement letter ought to include the engagement's objectives, the responsibilities of the auditor and management, and the engagement's limits. An diamond letter is an agreement involving the CPA organization and the customer concerning the

8-5 (continued)

perform of the examine and related services. It may state what services will be provided, whether any limitations will be imposed on the auditor's work, deadlines for completing the taxation, and assistance to be given by client employees. The involvement letter may also include the auditor's fees. In addition , the involvement letter notifies the client the auditor cannot guarantee that all acts of fraud will probably be discovered.

8. 6 Since the Sarbanes–Oxley Take action of 2002 explicitly changes responsibility intended for hiring and firing from the auditor from management for the audit panel for community companies, the audit panel is viewed as " the client” in all those engagements.

8. 7 Almost all audit and non-audit solutions must be preapproved by the taxation committee intended for public firms.

8. eight One of the rules underlying auditing standards paperwork that the auditor obtains a comprehension of the business and its environment to provide a basis for determining and evaluating the risks of material misstatements inside the financial assertions. Auditors need an understanding of the client's business and industry because the mother nature of the organization and industry affect business risk plus the risk of materials misstatements in the financial assertions. Auditors utilize knowledge of these kinds of risks to look for the appropriate extent of even more audit procedures.

The five major areas of understanding the client's business and industry, along with potential sources of information that auditors commonly use for each of the five areas, are the following:...


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