The Dental professional Essay

A. Complete the other sentence so that it has a identical meaning for the first sentence, using the expression given in italics. Do not change the word given.

1 . Which party in Mary's property next week. having

Next week Mary is having a party at her house.

2 . When you called me, it absolutely was my lunchtime. I

When you phoned myself I was having lunch.

several. I started out working here three years in the past. for

Seems working here for three years.

5. Our getting together with is the next day. a

We are having a appointment tomorrow.

a few. I haven't had a Chinese language meal for ages. since

Really ages as I had a Chinese food.

6. David went house before all of us arrived. had

When we showed up, David choose to go home.

several. The entrance time of Helen's flight is usually 8. 00. at

Helen's flight arrives at 8. 00.

8. Hurry up! We'll reach the theatre following the beginning of the play. will

By the time we get to the theatre, the play could have begun.

on the lookout for. Oh no! My wallet is missing. dropped

Oh no! I have lost my wallet.

15. I've just recently started out wearing eyeglasses. wear

I actually started to have on glasses lately.

B. Put the verbs in brackets into a suitable tense.

At the dentist's

I was punctually for my personal dentist's visit, but the dental practitioner was still active with another patient, so I (1) lay (sit) in the waiting room and (2) read (read) some of the old magazines lying there. While I (3) was wondering (wonder) whether to leave and come back another day, I (4) noticed (notice) a mag article about teeth. It (5) began (begin): ‘How long is it since you previous (6) travelled (go) for the dentist? (7) Do you go (you go) regularly just about every six months? Or perhaps (8) are you currently putting off (you actually put off) your visit for the last six years? ' Up coming to the content was a animation of a guy in a dentist's chair. The dentist (9) was saying (say): ‘I'm afraid this (10) will hurt/is gonna hurt (hurt). ' We (11) instantly realised (suddenly realise) that my teeth (12) experienced...


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