Task Statements: Human Resource Receptionist Essay

Task #1

By: Manny Hedge

Date: Come july 1st 24, 2011

Assignment: Work Analysis

2. Task Assertions

* KSA Statements

2. Job Information

* Task Analysis Procedure Summary

2. Notes

University: Keller Graduate School of Management

Course: Human Resources Management

Teacher: Jennifer Farinha

Task Transactions: Human Resource Receptionist

Student Name| Emmanuella Hedge

What action has been performed (verb)| To whom/what is the actions directed (receiver of the verb)| How is definitely the action performed (procedure, equipment, equipment)| How come action performed (purpose)| Functions switchboard telephone| Customers, employees| Knowledge of multi-line switchboard telephone| To display and ahead calls, provide information to caller, take messages, plan appointments| Greets customers, visitors| Customers, visitors| Determines reason and purpose for visit| To direct or take customers and visitors to their destinations| Produces and revisions employee documents and files| Employees| Use of electronic and manual file-system | To keep employees records and trail changes| Offer administrative support| HR Department staff| Capability to proofread; use of calculators and computers; understanding of spreadsheets, accounts and other documents| To support the HR section staff| Prepares information packages| New employs, employees| Make use of electronic and manual files; use of Computer and Internet; Knowledge of benefits vendor website| For new seek the services of orientation and training sessions| Delivers email, phone, different messages | Employees, customers, vendors| Verbally speaking, writing legibly, knowing how, being well-timed; Outlook email| To speak messages received to ideal party within a timely manner| Manages department calendar in Outlook| HUMAN RESOURCES Department staff| Knowledge of Outlook calendar | To note and keep department organized| Arranges meetings, conference calls, video conventions and travel and leisure | HUMAN RESOURCES Department staff| Knowledge of View calendar, seminar software, travel around sites, movile site companies| To notice and keep section organized| Processes expense information | HUMAN RESOURCES Department staff| Adding, subtracting, copying statements, scanning; use of Excel spreadsheets| To ensure office employees will be properly returned for Company related expenses| Monitors and orders workplace supplies| HOURS Department staff| Adding, subtracting, ordering, inventory| To ensure supplies are readily available to staff| Collects, sorts, distributes mail; delivers and paths overnight deliveries| Employees, buyers, vendors, immediately carriers| Knowledge of mail delivery/receiving schedule; Familiarity with overnight package established costs, drop-off sites, tracking system and delivery/receiving schedules| To make sure mail and overnight deals are sent and received in a timely manner

Task Statements

1| Work multi-line switchboard phone to answer, screen and forward cell phone calls, provide information to consumers, take messages and plan appointments. | 2| Greets customers and visitors, establishes reason or purpose pertaining to visit, and directs or perhaps escorts them to specific destinations. | 3| Creates and updates worker records and files.

4| Conduct administrative support tasks just like proofreading, transcribing handwritten info, and working calculators or perhaps computers to work with pay data, invoices, stability sheets and other documents. | 5| Prepares information packages for new retain the services of orientation and training sessions. | 6| Provides email, telephone, other messages to the suitable party in a timely manner. | 7| Manages departmental calendar in Outlook.

8| Arranges meetings, conference telephone calls, videoconferences and travel for HR Division staff. | 9| Operations expense reports for HUMAN RESOURCES Department personnel.

10| Watches and purchases department office supplies.

11| Collects, kinds, distributes email and prepares and tracks overnight shipping

KSA Assertions: Human...


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