SWOT Analysis Essay

SWOT Analysis


1 . Rational pondering - I use the solid logical considering judgment capacity. Both induction and deduction help me produce a logical decision.

installment payments on your High perception of responsibility - Now i'm a responsible person. I'll hold my task out using my electricity. During my college life, my personal classmates normally

3. Activity & optimism - I am just a energetic boy using a positive and optimistic center. Though points may go bad and some let me straight down, I gained 't drown myself in sadness for a long time. On the contrary, I will recover right away, and keep walking in line ahead.

some. Good at being attentive & communication - I have a strong feeling in sociable communication. I will always put myself in other's location and try to consider problems as they do, thus communication is not hard for me. Moreover I'm a fantastic listener. Once listening to additional carefully, it can quite easy to understand all of them. As a result, the conversation will easily continue, the harmonizing atmosphere can be created.


1 . Normal English Level - My vocabulary must be enlarged and I don't have a fantastic grasp of English grammar. I have a long way to go to boost my The english language.

2 . Deficiency of self-control -- My self-control ability can be not good enough. I am aware I should work much more harder, however , I often hooked myself in video games once i am totally free. I really need to overcome this weakness.


1 . China and tiawan (Shanghai) Preliminary Free Trade Zone -- When Shanghai become a cost-free trade region, foreign capital and firms will swarm into this kind of city. And there will be a whole lot of chances in the near future which will we wait us to seize.

2 . Strong and professional teachers force - My educators are very dependable. They are seriously talented in teaching too. Now I have got a group of good teachers to seek for support. I think I am able to polish up my personal study with this valuable methods.


1 ) Average competitive power -- There are too many college students are studying British. So the industry of English major...


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