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In accordance to a functioning document of International Control Center (UNCTAD/WTO), Bangladesh market size to get pharmaceuticals and natural products was US$ 517 million and the total herbal treatments was about US$ 50 million in 2004. Local companies satisfied 95% of domestic demand which has a 10% contribution from multinational companies. The amount of companies was subdivided into pharmaceutical units (232), ayurveda, homeopathic, biochemic units (308), and organic and unani-related units (295).

The pharmaceutical sector was your second major sector (after agriculture) with regards to national revenue. Employment in the sector was about 75, 500. The value of export for important drugs was US$ a few. 1 , 000, 000 and natural ingredients US$ 48 thousand. It exported drugs to over 50 countries in the world, but generally to Bhutan, Singapore and Yemen. The export market is on a surge each year. Alternatively, Bangladesh imported essential drugs worth of US$ 21 years old. 6 mil and natural ingredients of US$ 19 million. Types of goods imported included 700 several types of finished products and over 742 basic recycleables. 85% of raw materials happen to be imported via West European countries, USA, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Chinese suppliers and India.

Importance of the analysis:

Now-a-days, Pharmaceutical drugs Company is among the largest sectors in the world adding to 13. 29% of global GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. The study will help us gain hands on knowledge in the Drugs sector in Bangladesh. The analysis has gigantic implication to develop the appropriate Pharmaceutical drugs policy, to add the unique marketing policy also to build lasting Pharmaceuticals services. The relating to authority may use the results and advice for their plan making and organizational creation purpose and improving traveler satisfaction. It will help them to expose a new dimensions of strategic marketing in Pharmaceuticals sector of Bangladesh. Above all, the analysis has academic implications, which in turn indicate the academicians can develop them with this field in Bangladesh currently taking this analyze as an initiative to analyze the travel and leisure industry in Bangladesh.

Objectives of the analyze:

The main aim of this analyze is to compare the three leading pharmaceuticals firms in Bangladesh. Moreover, subsequent objectives can also be focused with this study. i) To know the economic situation of drugs industries in Bangladesh. ii) To understand the growth of pharmaceuticals industries in Bangladesh. iii) To identify the impact of pharmaceutical drugs industries on employment. iv) To concentrate on the present situation of pharmaceuticals market. v) To know the potential of drugs industry.

Technique of the study:

Methodology contains some chronological steps, which need to total the study. The details of the work plan are furnished beneath:

вќ– Test selection and size:

?nternet site m going to prepare my own report for the comparison of 3 Pharmaceuticals Businesses in Bangladesh, the sample size will probably be respectively handful of. вќ– Info collection method:

The existing books includes published journals, journals, newspapers, related magazines, files, Bangladesh Financial Review and Internet etc . вќ– Data sources:

To execute this survey a study record is based on primary and supplementary data. вќ– Data processing:

Data gathered from second sources will probably be processed physically and qualitative approach to be used through the analyze. вќ– Info analysis and interpretation:

The present studies a combination of the two theoretical and empirical. Intended for the assumptive foundation and analysis, the present literatures were investigated. To investigate the collected data, diverse quantitative and qualitative actions will be considered.

вќ– Limitations:

Although wonderful care continues to be put on this report, but nonetheless it is not over a limitations. To arrange this record the following limitations should be...


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