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The various components of the advertising process4

The benefits and costs of any marketing positioning ………………………………………5 Macro and mini environmental elements which affect marketing decisions ………. several Propose segmentation criteria to be used for items in different markets9 Choose a aimed towards strategy for a particular product/service9 Client behaviour influences marketing activities in different shopping for situation …………... 10 New position for a selected service of Starbucks Vietnam……………………10 Conclusion12



Starbucks begun in 1971 in Seattle. It has grown speedily and it is now the leading roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. It includes about 18, 000 (2013) stories in 62 countries. Starbucks caffeine company can be headquartered in Washington, United States. Early in 2013, Starbucks has been present in Ho Chi Minh town, Vietnam. This kind of assignment will probably be not only suggestion for analyses the marketing process yet also the benefits and the costs of the advertising orientation, then your marketing environment (Macro and Micro environmental), proposes segmentation criteria, select a targeting technique, buyer tendencies affects advertising, the last thing is always to propose new positioning pertaining to selected Starbucks Vietnam item.

1 . 1 ) The various components of the promoting process for Starbucks Vietnam.

The advertising process includes strategy and planning, in case the company would like to have a fantastic marketing process, the company must follow these elements such as the plan below. Development of Starbucks Vietnam mission affirmation.

Statement of objectives. Condition analysis. Approach development.

Specific plans. Implementation. Control (According to BPP Learning Media (2010), pp. 12)

a. Quest statement:

The value of Starbucks mission declaration is to " Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting and refreshing delivery of your coffee and also to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time” or "  to encourage and foster the human heart – one person, one glass and one neighborhood for a time” which stated on it is website. That is certainly reason why Starbuck's company is the foremost of leading retailer in foods and beverages especially coffee. Consequently , their products enter in Vietnam's market conveniently. For instance, Coffee Roast a combination between Latin American coffee bean and Asia types is one of the most famous drink inside our lines. The special taste of this system is Caramel so that you could get special moment the moment enjoy a cup of coffee in Starbuck. b. Declaration of aims:

For their success and advancement in Vietnam, Starbucks focuses on their buyer as most important. Moreover, they may have applied clever standards (specific, measure, attainable, realistic, timely) to keep their customers. Starbuck are well-known about Blonde Roast, Medium Beef roasts, Dark Roast. Interestingly, in Asia, you may enjoy a new flavor just like Asian Pasticcino Latte. This can be a importance crucial for Starbuck to achieve powerful rapidly in Vietnam. c. Situation analysis:

All corporations which desire to are present and develop always use a certain method say " SWOT”. And Starbucks is no different. SWOT evaluation is a valuable technique for understanding your strong points, weakness and for identifying the two Opportunities opened to you as well as the Threats you face.

 Strengths: Starbuck is a super famous branch on throughout the world. They concentrate on training their staff end up being the top baristas. Moreover, all of their stores features amazing design and style and very friendly with characteristics.


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*Starbucks (2013) 'Our Heritage' [Online]. Available via history [Accessed: 8 The fall of 2013].


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