Speed: Mass and Space Shuttle Endeavor Essay

 What is the speed of any rocket that travels 9000 meters in 12. doze seconds?  What is the velocity of a jet plane that travels 528 meters in 4 secs?  Following an impact concerning a nonfunctioning satellite, a paint nick leaves the surface of the satellite at a speed of 96 m/s. After 18 seconds, what lengths has the nick landed?  The space shuttle Endeavor is usually launched to altitude of 500 km above the surface area of the globe. The shuttle journeys at an typical rate of 700 m/s. How long can it take for Endeavor to reach its orbit?

 How long will certainly your trip take (in hours) if you travelling 350 kilometres at an typical speed of 80 km/hr?

 How various seconds can it take for the satellite going 450 km at a rate of 120 m/s?

1 . d=vt � (distance = velocity multiplied by time)

d=9000 meters

t=12. doze sec.

solving for v, � v=d/t,

v=742. 57 m/sec.

installment payments on your � d=vt

d=528 m

t=4 sec

solving pertaining to v, v=d/t,

v=132 m/sec.

3. � d=vt

v=96 m/sec.

t=17 sec.

d=1632 m

four. � d=vt

d=500, 000 m

v=700 m/sec.

solving for t, t=d/v,

t=714. 3 sec. (11. being unfaithful min. )

5.  � d=vt

d=350, 000 m

v=80, 500 m/hr.

fixing for to, t=d/v

t=4. 375 hours.

6. � d=vt

d=450, 000 m

v=120 m/sec

solving to get t, t=d/v,

t=3750 sec.

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