Social Research Essay


7-Eleven Convenience Store has more branches compared to

MINISTOP. 7-Eleven has 48, 000 shops worldwide while MINISTOP provides

4, 000 in Asia. 7-Eleven has a larger market, more aggressive owners and

strategic company in comparison to the other one; so it is very popular to

people just about everywhere. They also have a greater number of workers, bigger

projects to assist the community and wide array of advertisements to be more

popular. Comparing their age ranges to the organization, 7-Eleven is unquestionably older

than MINISTOP. MINISTOP simply operates for nearly 33 years while 7-

Eleven continues to be running for 86 years.

The two convenience stores have the same costumers. They vary in

ages nevertheless they're all students, employees, condominium renters, household

helpers, passerby and travelers, both specialist and nonprofessional


Concerning their employees, both of the ease stores have got a

security guard and two to three assistance crews, with regards to the size of the

organization with a director. Their service crews usually are in between

18-30 years old bracket, the two male and female, which is inside the physical active

and attentive level. Their managers are quite older compared to their crews

but they also support when there are a great number of costumers.


These grocery stores help a lot of people buy the actual need

and desire easier with limited time. Everything started to be in their reach that

changed their lifestyles too, from food to drugs and ready to eat food.

7-Eleven and MINISTOP became a one stop shop where you can find

everything that you may need and buy in couple of minutes at any time of the day,

seven days per week; aside from that, they also have services important for

emergencies like prepaid and internet lots, money copy, bills payment

and ATMs. 7-Eleven affected more people geographically due to

the number of retailers that they have. That made all of them more popular towards the public.

Availability is another way of advertisements where you need not pay.

Wherever going, you can see one of their retailers nearby, actually outside of

your very own country. MINISTOP is also popular but not as popular since 7-Eleven,

though they're making their particular wave previously, away from the shadow of the

giant organization 7-Eleven.


7-Eleven and MINISTOP are both located in areas with a large amount of people

like reloading zones, quit lights, link crossing, around condominiums, neighborhoods,

offices, schools and hospitals, federal government establishments and any busy

avenue. Their position is a very big factor that affects all their sales and

clients. 7-Eleven has more stores that could serve persons all over the world. Having as many stores as they have, the store turns into more popular. They

are definitely the title holder of the most many outlets. This affects someones thinking

that they are even more trustworthy as a result of availability. Wheresoever people get,

they know that there is a 7-Eleven somewhere. Apart from the availability,

security is usually important. 7-Eleven outlets seem more properly secured compared to

MINISTOP. They are also located in occupied streets they own more than

one d g in greater outlets. All their stores are equipped with

mirrors and CCTV cameras for store lifters and " holdapers”. MINISTOP provides

those too that varies from all their store size but some with their stores

are not but or well equipped with digital cameras in the Korea.

Convenience stores are the number 1 target pertaining to variety of criminal activity to

the point that few had been closed due to risks. The issues for having them as

targets will be: the small number of employees per store to quit or identify

scammers, the extended availability hours that gives crooks more chances,

the tiny size of the store that make scammers easier to get around and majority

in the...


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