unit seventy five Support Individuals with specific connection needs Essay

1 ) 1 It is necessary to meet the needs associated with an individual interaction needs because it enables them to show themselves within a method they feel comfortable. It is necessary to esteem their conversation needs as it will prevent people feeling remote but also helps to inspire them build relationships with others.

1 . 2 Once supporting people who have specific communication needs our very own role and practice may well impact the moment communicating. This might be from all of us not being qualified correctly to adapt to the actual communication requires. This can cause misunderstanding and in addition preventing support workers building a relationship with service users, which could cause challenging conduct from the service user. Also, it is important to examine their proper care plans since individuals may have a adapted variations of a interaction style. Although we may have got prior knowledge working a particular communication we need to respect that others designed versions and learn it.

1 ) 3 Popular features of the environment that may help or hinder communication: пЃ¬Noise levels

пЃ¬Good or bad light

пЃ¬Privacy or deficiency of it

пЃ¬No disruptions and/or distractions

пЃ¬Temperature too warm or chilly

1 . 4 Why does a person may use a type of communication which is not based on an official language program пЃ¬They have adapted a formal language program which feel comfortable with and easy fro them to make use of пЃ¬They may only need to make use of the basic type of the language system. For example we have service consumer whose speak and vocabulary is limited. Even so he uses some Makaton signs and visual assists to help him communicate his needs and for support workers to talk back to him.

1 . five Communication methods and aids to support visitors to communicate: пЃ¬Human and technical aids - interpreters/ computers/ tablets/ cell phones пЃ¬Hearing helps


пЃ¬Pictures/ symbols/ charts

пЃ¬Social stories

пЃ¬Short and simple content

пЃ¬Sign vocabulary ( formal and no formal)

1 . 6 It is important that individuals...


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