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Key Theoretical Views on Traditions

High Traditions Theory

• This theory was actually postulated simply by Matthew Arnold (1822-1888).

• In accordance to Arnold, culture is the study of perfection. He believed that culture identifies the " best that is thought and said in the world” which anything that won't fit into this category is labeled as chaos or perhaps anarchy.

• Arnold further expounded on the fact that was called three Immortal Symbole. These include splendor, intelligence and knowledge since the essential requirements of a highly-cultured individual. People who do not and cannot possess these 3 attributes belong to the lower school of the society.

Ordinary/Popular Traditions Theory

• Raymond Williams (1921-1988), a Welsh author and essenti, was the advocatte for the Ordinary/Popular Culture Theory.

• Williams believed that traditions is ordinary as it is a part of everyday life. He rejected Arnold's notion that culture involves a person's physical features or intellectual ability. He contended that traditions must be seen in two aspects: ➢ The noted meanings and directions which its users are conditioned to - and also the whole way of life. For example , people that grew up in countryside had been taught the right way to farm; as a result, a culture having its personal shape, which means and purpose, is in itself, creating a traditions.

➢ The new findings and symbolism which are presented and analyzed – and also the process of learning about and further learning. It is the concept of welcoming modern developments and creative attempts. In this sense, a society is being made and remade through the initiatives of the members.

High Culture

• Macionis defined substantial culture since the " cultural habits that differentiate a society's elite. ” This is like theory of Arnold because only the privileged few can easily have access to actions and methods that are part of high culture. Some of the...


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