Pendulum Swing Essay

Graphical Research

Aim: To look at, by graphical means, the partnership between routine time and length for a basic pendulum.

Equipment: Pendulum joe, light string, clamp stand, meter leader, stopwatch, graph paper.

Theory: The relationship between two physical quantities can be discovered by graphical means. For a simple pendulum, the relationship between periodic as well as length is given by the formula

Wherever, T may be the periodic time, 1 may be the length of the pendulum string and g is definitely acceleration as a result of gravity A graph of periodic time against length should be with the shape displayed.

Hypothesis: The shorter you create the pendulum line, the short the time big difference for a move.


1 . Attach the pendulum bob towards the string and suspend from the clamp stand so that the thread is 100cm in length. 2 . Set the pendulum dogging by displacing the frank through a small angle. three or more. Time twenty swings from the pendulum. Record the data.

5. Repeat 3 twice even more recording the info each time.

5. Repeat measures 1 В– 4 for different string measures.


Duration (cm)в€љLength

(cm)Trial 1

(secs)Trial 2 (secs)Trial 3 (secs)Average TimePeriodic Period 142. 8В±0. 111. 950В±0. 0149. 3747. 9747. 9747. 73В±0. 482. 3865В±0. 02 136. 0В±0. 111. 662В±0. 0146. 2546. 4146. 5346. 39В±0. 152. 3195В±0. 01 130. 6В±0. 111. 428В±0. 0146. 0645. 7545. 6845. 83В±0. 232. 2915В±0. 01 118. 8В±0. 110. 900В±0. 0142. 9743. 6642. 7843. 14В±0. 522. 1570В±0. goal 97. 9В±0. 059. 894В±0. 0139. 1039. 4039. 2039. 23В±0. 171. 9615В±0. 01 83. 3В±0. 059. 127В±0. 0135. 9736. 0336. 5936. 29В±0. 391. 8145В±0. 02 57. 6В±0. 057. 589В±0. 0130. 3230. 6730. 4730. 49В±0. 181. 5245В±0. 01

Graph 1

GraphпЂ 2


The shape of Chart 1 suggests that the relationship among time and size is: Tп‚µв€љ1

This romantic relationship is confirmed in Graph 2, where by finding the square root of the space creates a straight-line graph for which we can what is mathematical equation in the theory section.

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