P1n explain physical, mental emotional and social creation for each of life stages of an individual Essay

п»їP1n identify physical, intellectual emotional and social expansion for each of life phases of an person Life stage

Physical creation

Intellectual creation

Emotional expansion

Social expansion


For most females, it is important to do some regular physical activity while pregnant as part of living a healthy way of living development. One example is strengthening muscle tissue activities with include hiking stairs, strolling hard, lifting or transporting shopping, weight training exercise, yoga or similar amount of resistance exercises that use your main muscle groups.

Being pregnant is a essential period for central nervous system all of us don't know almost nothing about it. Being sure that they keep the minds of men occupied using this method like reading, or receiving their baby things ready, e. g. shopping for clothing, decorating the space. So that their brains won't be upon other things that may cause them to stress about, the pain or to consider this like their very own baby having complication and things....

A pregnancy girl may be encounter a number of different emotions during her journey through pregnancy and birth. This is certainly: surprise, delight, love, anger, fear and sadness etc . … This is when a pregnant woman begin to socialise with her partener, midwives family member or friend about her birth program, baby name, when her baby will be due, after birth …. Birth to infancy 0-3 years

At this time babies commence to:








At this point they commence Playing by itself.

-Repeat actions which cause a toy to maneuver or produce a noise -Coos, hum, or prevent crying once hearing music.

At this stage baby start to produce vocal seems when they are content. -Begins to laugh when tickled or perhaps amused.

-Respond to their term being called.

-Becomes annoyed when their very own needed are not met

At this stage they begin to Recognise persons they know.

-Enjoys cheerful and babbling at do it yourself in reflect.

Childhood 4-9 years

At this point children commence Dress with out...


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