Nursing Treatment Plan and Specimens Essay

NDNQI Analysis and Action Plan: Adams 5, Inpatient Rehab Product Savetria Nicole Palmer

Walden University

NURS 2006 Section 13, Issues in Scientific Nursing

September 21, 2014

Quality is known as a broad term that includes various facets of nursing proper care (Montolvo, 2007). The Countrywide Database of Nursing Quality Indicators [NDNQI] is the only national breastfeeding database that gives quarterly and annual reporting of composition, process, and outcome indicators to evaluate nursing care in the unit level (Montolvo, 2007). Nursing's foundational principles and guidelines see that as a occupation, nursing provides a responsibility to measure, examine, and boost practice (Montolvo, 2007). The goal of this daily news is to evaluate the ‘mislabeled specimen' sign for a great inpatient treatment unit and devise a task plan based upon best practices to diminish the prevalence of mislabeled specimens. Research of the info

According to Dock, (2005) accurate specimen identification is a challenge in all hospitals and medical facilities. Making sure specimens happen to be correctly identified at the level of collection is essential intended for accurate classification information (Dock, 2005). A mislabeled specimen can lead to destructive consequences to get a patient (Dock, 2005). Example of beauty misidentification may be serious, resulting in misdiagnosis and mistreatment (Dock, 2005). Intended for the second one fourth of FY09, the rehabilitation unit fulfilled their target of absolutely no mislabeled specimens. The third quarter yielded two actual mislabeled specimens which has a variance of two. The fourth quarter actual was one particular with a difference of one. The first 1 / 4 FY10 confirmed an actual of just one and difference of one. Intended for the FY09 the treatment had a total of four mislabeled specimens. This indicator was chosen because of the magnitude of the medical error. Nurses, facilitators and laboratory personnel must collaborate and create methods to decrease the mislabeling of specimens.

Nursing jobs plan

Breastfeeding interventions to decrease the number of mislabeled specimens and improve genuine indicator scores are: 1) Ensuring right identification of patient 2) The use of electric technology and 3) Bedside labeling. Each of these interventions will positively impact patient outcomes and reduce mistakes. According to The Joint Commission [TJC], appropriate patient identification is best practice for lessening mislabeled specimens (The Joint Commission while cited simply by Sims, 2010). National Individual Safety Aim [NPSG], 01. 01. 01 says that health-related providers should use for least two identifiers to recognize patients. For instance , the patient's full name and date of birth can be used to properly determine a patient (The Joint Commission rate, 2014). In accordance to Kim et approach., (2013), developing a standardized example of beauty handling program has the probability of reduce problems. Figure 1 . Steps to properly identifying the patient for specimen collection.

Number 1 . Essential specimen handling steps. Green items are physician-specific responsibilities; lilac items are medical staff-specific duties. Adapted coming from " Standardised Patient Identity and Example of beauty Labeling: A Retrospective Evaluation on Improving Patient Protection, ” by Kim JK; Dotson N; Thomas S; Nelson KC; Journal in the American School of Dermatology, 2013 Jan; 68 (1): 53-6. The strongest treatment to reduce labels errors is a addition of barcode technology (Brown, Jones & Sherfy, 2011). The application of automated patient identification and specimen collection techniques is definitely an additional safety net for exercises that are susceptible to error, particularly when coupled with solid systems models (Brown ainsi que al., 2011). Brown ou al (2011), found which the clinical applications of electronic and information technology support can assist inside the identification, control, and reduction of error rates over the process. According to the World Overall health Organization [WHO] healthcare companies should inspire the labeling containers utilized for blood and...

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