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Regarding Money Grow Consulting

Funds plant Asking facilitates freelancing the non-core activities and supplies knowledge-driven finance. Money herb Consulting is actually a premier freelancing & economic services company which should offer solutions for economic needs and queries of individuals. They are a respected wealth management, capital market segments and advisory company with over 06 years of consulting & investing experience. Money plant Asking was offered by Mister. Rishabh Parakh (Director). This individual holds a professional degree of LOS ANGELES from the Company of Chartered Accountants of India. He started Money Plant Consulting with a great aim to use outsourcing for the non-core activities of corporate consumers and to provide personal salary tax/ monetary market related services to individual clientele. Since its Inception they have been successful in offering seamless services and significant advantage for clients with their extremely competent staff of certified professionals comprising CA's and MBA's & in house Understanding pool of financial markets, musical instruments and items. Their goal is to make certain that clients benefit from the professional competence, technical knowledge and experience. They have been recognized for knowledge in the financial arena by simply highly reputed institutions and clients. They strive to offer transparent, moral and research-based investments and wealth administration services.


For IT Company Employee

1 . Insurance

The firm features experience in every area of your life & General Insurance admonitory, which covers pursuing types of risks: a) Online Well being & Sea insurance

b) Commercial & Liability insurance, etc

c) Group gratuity & group term insurance

2 . Taxation

a) Discussion on tax & fringe benefit tax

b) Evaluation and Appellate proceedings

c) Transfer prices

3. Employees' Taxation and Investments

a) Performing seminar, orientation and induction program for the employees b) Preparation & Submission of income tax returns for company employees c) Tax & Financial organizing

Some of the Business Clients with whom Money plant Stocks Professional Relationships with!!!

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Designed a fresh website your money can buy Plant Asking and also for its sister matter RPFAS (Rishabh Parakh Economic Advisory Services)


Went to different companies who also are not yet part of our clientele and approached them with various proposals to choose all of us as their monetary planner.


I use to visit various provider's like cognizant, TCS, SunGard, Syntel, and so forth and arrange desk at their company for expenditure purpose.


We gave suggestions to our clients on how they can conserve taxes.



The main tool to get marketing employed by the firm is by organizing seminars intended for the employees of varied IT corporations. These seminars are carried out by the Movie director himself. These seminars are mainly about creating awareness numerous employees concerning their financial life.

Making a new internet site: We designed the layout of the website so that it would be desirable for the consumer to see. There are a lot of things missing on the website that did not recover it to the tag. I suggested some advancements to their site.


I visited companies that were not part of our clientele and contacted their HOURS manager for taking the data of the worried person to be followed up later on by our back office.


While tax submitting is one among our key areas of operating, we installation our office at numerous IT firms on regular basis. I actually went on these schedules with my mature. There all of us assisted companies for processing the income taxes and recommended them upon various investment options depending on...

References: Mr. Rishabh Parakh (Director) 9011143335

Mr. Shikhank Punia (Sales Manager) 8928026548

Mr. Dheeraj Dubey (Sales Manager) 8928024093



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