List of Samples of Stylistic Devices Essay

Lexical stylistic devices


Suffered metaphor

Um Rose, thou art ill!

The invisible worm

That flies inside the night,

In the howling thunderstorm,

Has found out thy pickup bed

Of crimson joy,

Fantastic dark top secret love

Does thy your life destroy.

[William Blake " The sick rose”] novel metaphor:

Time is definitely jealous of you and wars against the lilies and your roses [Wilde Um. The Picture of Dorian Greyish. Penguin ebooks. 1994. G. 30] Conventional metaphor

" In the event all the world's a stage, where is the audience sitting down? " [by Steven Wright " Anatomy of English humor” Lev Barsky Либроком, Москва, 2012] Genuine methaphor

The pulse of delight that beats in us at twenty, becomes sluggish [Wilde Um. The Picture of Dorian Dreary. Penguin literature. 1994. P. 31] Dead metaphor

O, be mindful, my lord, of envy;

It is the green-ey'd monster, which usually …

[Shakespeare " Othello”, HarperPress, 2011, g 66]

Conceptual metaphor

How increasing prices are hitting your pocket


Simple methaphor

Prince wonderful, my amazing lover, my own god of graces.

[Wilde U. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Penguin books. 1994. P. 80] Extended metaphor

Life's nevertheless a walking shadow; a bad player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard you can forget: it is a story

Informed by a great idiot, filled with sound and rage,

Symbols of nothing...

[Shakespeare " Macbeth”, HarperPress, 2011, p 67]


Novel Metonymy

Thin-lipped perception spoke at her from the worn chair.

[Wilde Um. The Picture of Dorian Dreary. Penguin literature. 1994. P. 73] Conceptual metonymy

A visible Iranian legislative house member stated Friday which a U. H. drone broken Iran's airspace a week ago, if the Pentagon says it was dismissed on. В []

Standard metonymy

We want some new confronts and clean ideas.

[] Relations:

1 . The fabric instead of the issue made of it-

Disdaining bundle of money, with his brandished steel, which smoked with bloody performance. (Refers to Macbeth's sword)

[Shakespeare " Macbeth”, HarperPress, 2011, p 48]

2 . The author rather than the thing he made

He was before his Gauguin--sorest level of his collection

[Galsworthy " The Forsyte saga”, " To let”,]

Situational Paradox

The next a month of solitary confinement had been among the happiest of Paul's life. [Evelyn Waugh " Decline and Fall”. P. 163].

Verbal paradox

Commander William T. Riker: В Charming female!

Lt. Commander Data: В[voice-over] TheВ toneВ of Leader Riker's tone makes me suspect that he could be not serious about finding Delegate T'Pel captivating. My encounter suggests that actually he may indicate the exact reverse of what he says. [" Celebrity Trek: Another Generation", min 36]


His eyes had been as luminous as a cat's eyes (334); < …> his eyes glowing just like cigarette ends- [Colier J. " Half way to hell”. P. 334].


The girl looked at the thing with suspicion and a magnifying glass. [Charles Dickens " Great expectations”, Penguin, 2008, chapter 2, s 10] Pun

Your house, grey and weather-beaten, seemed as much a part of the scenery as the trees that sheltered this [Maugham " Home”. ”Short stories” Vintage books. 1998. P. 219]. Occult meaning

He really had somewhat the look of a Silenus.

[Maugham " The cheerful man”. ”Short stories” Antique books. 98. P. 293]. Antonomasia

Prince Charming rules life for us now.

[Wilde O. The Picture of Dorian Dreary. Penguin books. 1994. S. 72] Personification

Time is jealous of you and wars against your lilies and your roses [Wilde O. The style of Dorian Gray. Penguin books. 1994. P. 30]


Associated epithet- His black eyes flashed a bacchanalian smile [Maugham " The happy man”. ”Short stories” Retro books. 1998. P. 219]. Unassociated epithet- and when he was ashore, to walk in raucous, friendless cities with streets so...


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