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Korean electronic devices giant Korean has made

a remarkable transformation, from a provider of valuepriced commodity products that oe manufacturers (OEMs) sold below their own brands, to a global marketer of premium-priced Samsung-branded

consumer electronics such as flat-screen Televisions, digital

digital cameras, digital appliances, semiconductors, and cell

telephones. Samsung's high-end cell phones have already been a

development engine intended for the company, which has also unveiled

six Olympics, and ran several global ad promotions

themed " Imagine, ” " Silently Brilliant, ” and " YOU, ” all which included brand text messages such as " technology, ” " design and style, ” and " sensation” (human). In 2005, Samsung korea surpassed

Volvo in the Interbrand brand position for the first time and

continues to outperform Sony today.

The economic depression during 08 and 2009 significantly afflicted the semiconductor industry, total consumer electronics sales, and Samsung's bottom line.

To survive, Samsung cut profit margins, decreased

production, and cut inventories. As a result, the corporation

emerged by the end of 2009 with record-high quarterly

profits despite significantly smaller income.

Today, Samsung korea is the global leader in flat-panel TVs

and memory chips, and the and second player in mobile

cell phones. It is aimed at growing systems such as

iphones and provides partnered with both Microsoft's

Glass windows Mobile and Google's Android software. Additionally , Samsung provides formed a green partnership with Microsoft to assist create energy-efficient computers.

Contrary to rival firms, Samsung has changed into a global

innovator by making both equally components for electronics

companies the actual equipment sold to buyers,

a steady stream of improvements, popularizing the PDA

mobile phone, the 1st cell phone with an Mp3player, and the

first Blu-ray dvd player.

The samsung company initially centered on volume and market

dominance, superiority rather than earnings. However , through the



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