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APA Activities

Activity 1:

1 ) Correct the in-text quotation in the word below.

Not group confirmed any significant growth (Wong and Tuttle 2005).

Nor group revealed any significant growth (Wong and Tuttle, 2005).

installment payments on your Correctly structure the guide below.

Bretschneider, John Garrett and McCoy, Nancy Lewis, 1968. Intimate Interest and Behavior in Healthy 80- 102-Year-Olds. Records of Intimate Behavior, Vol. 14, pp. 343-350. Bretschneider, J. G., & McCoy, N. L. (1968). Lovemaking interest and behavior in healthy 80- 102-year-olds. Records of Intimate Behavior, 16, 343-350.

three or more. Correctly structure the research below.

Hashimoto, Thomas. (March 13, 2k, p. 23). Seeing Red in November. Newsweek, vol. 199. Hashimoto, T. (2000, March 13). Seeing Reddish colored in The fall of. Newsweek, 199, 23.

5. What is the right way to structure quotations much longer than forty words?

Place direct quotes that are forty words or longer in a free-standing block of typewritten words and omit estimates marks.

5. Write a direct quotation using only the underlined details from the word below. The quotation ought to be grammatically and APA stylistically correct. " Pride and Prejudice can be described as novel by Jane Austen that relates to issues of class, gender, and social status, in addition to being a love account. ”

In addition to being a appreciate story simply by Jane Austen, " Pride and Prejudice”, the book also works with issues of sophistication, gender, and social position.

6. Reword the quotation below so that it includes evidence in your own terms to the audience that Mister. Johnson is the founder of the Eat Even more Oreos Basis.

" Mister. Johnson dropped to discuss this article. ”

Mr. Manley, founder of Eat Even more Oreos Base, declined his comment on this article.

7. Will the sentence listed below need to be reported? Why or why not?

Invoice Gates is definitely the founder of Microsoft.

No, because this is known as a statement that could be proven.

eight. Does the sentence in your essay below should be cited? Why or why not?...

Cited: Adminstration, E. I. (2013). All-natural Gas-U. T. Energy Informtaion Adminstration. Recovered August seventeen, 2014, from Energy Informatio Adminstration: http://www.eia.gov/forecasts/aeo/er/pdf/0383er(2013).pdf

Association, A. P. (2013). The distribution manual with the American Psychological Association (Sixth ed. ). Washington, M. C.: American Psychological Assciation.

Bright, T. (Director). (2003). " Freinds" The One Following Joey and Rachel Kiss [Motion Picture].

Feldman, R. S i9000. (2013). Psychology and Your Existence (2nd male impotence. ). New york city, New York: McGrew Hill Companies.

Frederick, Meters. (Producer), & Mangini, Big t. (Director). (2013). The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Concussion Crsis [Motion Picture].

Marinescu, C. (2013, February 03). Retrieved August 17, 2014, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BPLR9l0CYA

Russell, Deb. O. (Director). (2012). Sliver Linings Playbook [Motion Picture].


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