Influence of Mass Media in Hong Kong Composition

Influence of Mass Media

in Hong Kong


в‘ Introduction

в‘Ў Creation

в‘ў Positive & Unfavorable Infl


в‘Ј Improvement

⑤ Conclusion

What is mass media?

 Huge no . of channels / sources of informat


– reach a large audience (usually public)


mass interaction

 Published & non-printed (broadcast)

e. g. papers, magazines as well as television, r


Mass Media in Hk

• Daily newspapers: 40

– Chinese-language dailies: 27

– English-language dailies: a few

– Bilingual dailies: 5

– Papers in other languages

: 7

• Free-to-air TELEVISION SET companies: 3

• Subscription TV businesses: 7

• Government radio station: 1

• Commercial radio stations: 2


a few main tasks:

пѓјProvide news

пѓ Inform

пѓјProvide education пѓ Instruct

пѓјProvide enjoyment пѓ Amuse

Why is it influential?

• Modernization created interpersonal conditions in whic

l the advertising developed.

• Persuasiveness with the media enables them to lso are

ach the target audience.

• Important source of information in the city

Why is it influential?

• Television transmissions: large amount of control

пѓ effect the content that society wristwatches and the ti

mes by which they are seen.

• The net: large amount of users

пѓ let diversification of political opinions, social and

social differences and heightened standard of public parti


How is it powerfulk?

" The level of influence will depend

on the availableness and

pervasiveness of press. ”

a few susceptible areas:

a) Beliefs

b) Behaviours

c) Associations

Positive (+)





social program for:

Advocating educational ideas

Expressing creativeness

Voicing opinions

Positive (+)

• Fast, responsive and outspoken record style

пѓ know the things around us immediately

• Create prevalent topics for family and colleagues

пѓ improve in-between marriage

Positive (+)

• Contact form or alter the public thoughts and opinions in different way

s depending of what is the objective

пѓ raise understanding of some social issues

пѓ provoke healthier discussion


• " While each of our mass media promises to be the mom or dad of flexibility of conversation, defender of public merchandise, watchdog upon our control

ment, the truth is, our mass media is just an additional form of busine ss.

A growing number of of our mass media resort to is situated, half-truths, and se nsationalism to increase revenue. Many individuals have been victimi zed and few can easily fight back. ”

– Betterment of Hk

Negative (-)






route that could:

Infuse wrong ideas

Contain deceitful ideas

Blend unnecessary discussions

Bring mass action or perhaps movement

Adverse (-)

• Low quality of programs and articles

пѓ create impractical fears regarding criminals, international pe

oples and mass protest.

• Inappropriate points

пѓ offer much more attention to crime, deaths and pada

sasters than to unified communities, serves of ki

ndness and win-win conflict resolution.

Negative (-)

• Incorrect / misleading information

пѓ powerful groups, especially authorities and large c

orporations, shape the news in a range of ways

пѓ offer usage of stories in exchange for beneficial cov

erage, spreading disinformation, and frightening reve


Negative (-)

• Breach of privateness

пѓ exposure of private lives of general public figures

пѓ spread of gossips / rumors

• Indecency

пѓ inconsiderate paparazzi

пѓ indecent photos


• Editorial independence: certain

пѓ reduce the effect of effective groups

пѓ retain credibility

• More quality courses: produced

пѓ entertain and educate people


• Power of marketers: reduced or eliminated

пѓ avoid over-propaganda

пѓ present broad variety of objective point of view

• Opportunities for resident input into content: made available

пѓ boost public involvement


• New era of transmitting

– info age

• Diminishing of printing sector

– substituted by electronic media

• Continue their mass effect on world

– great coverage

– approachability

– reliance of citizen

Bottom line...


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