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Pokok Penyelidikan IPBL Tahun 2001

A Case intended for Illuminative Evaluation in the Setup of Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Rendah in Small Principal Schools of Sarawak Adi Badiozaman Tuah

This short paper is definitely aimed at offering a case intended for illuminative evaluation in the rendering of Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Rendah (KBSR) as a free and additional evaluation technique to that of the current method employed by the Ministry of Education in featuring relevant and important information regarding the rendering processes, the end results and the merchandise of an educational innovation. Departing from the classic objectives paradigm, and having a stand of social anthropological perspective to evaluation approaches and methodology illuminative analysis, a naturalistic approach in evaluation emphasises on the thoroughgoing and comprehensive exploration of innovation-in-action, looking at the ‘instructional system' and the ‘learning milieu' – examining it is background, the organization, its practices, its teething complications, its success reports, and the improvements devised at the context of practice. It truly is argued that evaluation from the implementation of KBSR in rural universities of Sarawak through an illuminative approach should be able to provide essential and a far more comprehensive data for decision making toward increasing instruction and learning in difficult educational contexts.

______________________________________________________________ Jurnal Penyelidikan MPBL, several, 1-17

Paradigms for Mature Continuing Education

Devadason Robert Philip

This paper discusses the status of adult continuing education within four paradigms; Transmitted Information, Communication Study, Extended Classroom and Virtual Classroom. These paradigms are reviewed with reference to instructional, media and cost variables. Currently, transmit and messages paradigms is very much the most popular intended for adult continuing education. The author implies the need for a shift toward a higher paradigm and states that the prolonged classroom version, though suitable for universities, may not be so to get adult continuing education. Rather, electronic classroom is viewed as the reasonable alternative to the correspondence analyze paradigm at the moment dominating this kind of mode of education. Implications for instructor training corporations are also quickly discussed.

______________________________________________________________ Jurnal Penyelidikan MPBL, several, 116-128

Koleksi Abstrak Penyelidikan IPBL Tahun 2001-2006

one particular

Abstrak Penyelidikan IPBL Tahun 2001

Romance between Termes conseilles and Purpose to Quit Amongst Technical School-teachers within Kuching District

Chua Lee Chuan

The purpose of this study was going to examine the inter-relationship between intention to quit and termes conseilles among specialized school teachers to supply a better comprehension of these two phenomena invading the field of education also to enable the authorities worried to generate tangible measures to subdue circumstances leading to burnout and objective to quit. Intention to quit was measured employing 3 statements adapted from Weisberg and Sagie's style (1999) whereas 22-item transactions adapted from your Maslach Termes conseilles Inventory had been used to assess burnout which in turn comprised of three dimensions (emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced sense of private accomplishment). Termes conseilles was further correlated with purpose to quit applying Pearson Merchandise Moment Correlation Coefficient. It had been found that burnout and the three sizes of burnout, were absolutely and drastically related to objective to quit. To measure the amount of contribution ascribed by the sizes of termes conseilles on intention to quit, a multiple regression analysis was used. Only psychological exhaustion substantially explained 12% of the difference in purpose to quit. ______________________________________________________________ Jurnal Penyelidikan MPBL, 3, 107-115

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