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Our company is " Pristinus Milk Pvt. Ltd " dealing in dairy business. It is the top dairy organization in our home region. We are now interested in growing our organization for that all of us chose to operate in Singapore. SINGAPORE

The Singapore customer market in overview

Singapore's populace is currently approximated at about a few. 339 million(2013) persons, which includes citizens, everlasting residents and also other residents that are permitted to live in Singapore, e. g. persons with job permits. Their population is usually expected to develop. Citizens and permanent occupants comprise much more than 80% of residents. Expatriate families via Developed World regions or perhaps countries, at the. g. United states, the EU, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, quantity about 120, 000 individuals. Singapore (GDP per capita: US$ twenty six, 833 in 2005) has one of the most rich consumer market segments in East Asia. Singapore's economy appears to have stable after a number of years of turbulent flow, which started out with the Cookware Economic Crisis and ended together with the SARS outbreak. GDP per capita in 2005 was the highest reported in Singapore's history. Business confidence continues to be increasing for 7 years and counting, as offers consumer self-confidence, albeit more slowly because of ongoing concerns in some sections of the population over job security. About 95% with the population is currently reported to become middle and upper salary group customers. This, used together with the fact that Singapore relies very seriously on brought in food products, makes it an excellent target to get committed exporters of foodstuff and beverages. Singapore Firm at a Glance

Excellent taxes benefits from small-to-midsize companies: 0% taxes in 100K gross annual profits (first 3 years), approx. 9% tax on annual income up-to 300K Low general tax price of 18% on revenue above 300K

Actually zero taxes upon capital gains in general

100% international shareholding allowed

Bare minimum paid-up capital of $1 only

Singapore ranked as #1 in simplicity of doing business in the world Singapore rated as where to work and live in Asia

Migration visa (entrepreneur pass) available for company owners wishing to move to Singapore to run all their new Singapore company Advancing

Large per household consumption,

strong urban consumption,

decline in local development,

high value added, full range of products



Singapore� is� a� parliamentary� democracy, � with� President� SR Nathan� its� Head� of� Point out. � Under� the Singapore constitution. The Singapore parliamentary cabinet is led by Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsieng Loong,  who is appointed by the President.  Mr Lee leads the People's Action Party (PAP)�. Action Party (PAP) which has dominated Singaporen politics since 1959 and shows no signs of waning. PAP holds 82 of 84 elected seats in parliament. OTHER POLITICS PARTIES HAPPEN TO BE: -

1 Singapore Democratic Connections or SDA [CHIAM See Tong];

two Singapore Democratic Party or SDP [CHEE Rapidly Juan];

3 Workers' Party or perhaps WP [Sylvia LIM Swee Lian]


Current Economic Situation�

Singapore includes a highly produced and effective free-market economic system. It likes a remarkably wide open and corruption-free environment, secure prices, and a every capita GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT equal to regarding the 4 largest Western European countries. Our economy depends seriously on exports, particularly in consumer electronics and information technology products.   It is a major hub for transshipments within South East Asia one of many Four Oriental Tigers

busiest port in the world in terms of attitude shipped

Singapore is the world's fourth major foreign exchange trading hub GDP (purchasing power parity):

$228. 1 billion dollars (2007 represente. )

Reserves of foreign exchange and gold:

$163 billion dollars (31 Dec 2007 est. ) Estimated current per capita gross domestic product�

(GDP) isapproximately US$40, 000 (purchasing power parity compared with average US$35, 000 for OECD countries).  �...


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