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Lesson 1 (3. 0 points)

1 . What exactly is money market bank account? (0. a few points)

Is a financial account that will pay interest based upon current interest levels in marketplace �

installment payments on your What is a liquidation policy? (0. 5 points)

When organization is broke and resources are sold and proceed to shell out creditor �

3. What is simple curiosity? (0. five points)

Money you can earn by simply investing money

4. What is compound curiosity? (0. your five points)

Interest that is paid on both equally principal and any fascination from previous years �

5. What is the time worth of money? (0. 5 points)

The theory that a certain currency amount of money from day time to upcoming �

6. Name a technique for saving money.   (0. five points)

Keep your change

Lessons 2 (3. 0 points)

1 . Precisely what is investing? (0. 5 points)

Putting money toward some thing

2 . What is financial risk? (0. a few points)

The possibility that shareholders will suffer in debt

3. What is diversification? (0. 5 points)

The spreading of risk among many kind of investments

4. What is risk tolerance? (0. 5 points)

Ability and willingness to simply accept decline prices of investiments �

your five. What are financial debt investments? (0. 5 points)

A financial opportunity that involves an individual investing about someone personal debt �

6th. What are collateral investments? (0. 5 points)

Money invested in a firm by simply its owner of prevalent stock

Lesson 3 (3. 0 points)

1 . Exactly what stocks? (0. 5 points)

Ownership in corporation

2 . What are bonds? (0. five points)

A debt protection, kind of like a IoU

several. What is scam? (0. 5 points)


some. What is a great annuity? (0. 5 points)

A fixed amount of cash paid to someone annually typically for the remainder of their existence �

5. What is microfinance? (0. your five points)

Financial savings

six. What is investment capital? (0. a few points)

Capital invested in a person job in which a few substantial component �

Lessons 4 (3. 0 points)

1 . What is a 401(k) account? (0. 5 points)

Tax quality code

2 . What exactly mutual fund? (0. 5 points)

An investment program funded by stockholders



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