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Indirect Declaration Alternative Task


TRANSLATION – 40 points:

You could use William Whitaker's Words and phrases as a useful resource to help you with unknown vocabulary. Do NOT employ Google Convert or any various other online translator! Once translated, list the next information:

1 ) Head verb (identify tense)

2 . Subject matter of the indirect speech (identify the case on this noun) 3. Verb inside the indirect speech (identify the tense and voice in the infintive) EXAMPLE: Caesar dicit milites ad Galliam iter facere.

1 . Translate – Caesar says that the military are walking in line to Aduk. 2 . Mind verb – dicit (present)

3. Subject of IS DEFINITELY: milites (acc pl)

some. Verb in IS: facere (present energetic infintive)

Convert the following:

1 ) Eutropius scribit Caesarem ainsi que Pompeium civile bellum gessisse. a. Translate – Eutropius writes that Caesar and Pompey fought a civil war. w. Head action-word – scribit (present)

c. Subject(s) of IS – Caesarem ain Pompeium (accusative)

d. Verb(s) in IS USUALLY – gessisse (perfect active)

2 . Pompeius putavit Caesarem proelium low meriturum este.

a. Translate – Pompey thought that Caesar would not win the struggle. b. Head verb – putavit (perfect)

c. Subject(s) of IS DEFINITELY – Caesarem (accusative)

d. Verb(s) in IS – meriturum este (future active)

3. Scimus Pompeium a Caesare victum esse.

a. Translate – We know that Pompey was conquered by Caesar. b. Head verb – Scimus (present)

c. Subject(s) of CAN BE – Pompeium (accusative)

d. Verb(s) in IS – victum esse (perfect passive)

4. Eutropius scripsit Antonium Cleopatram amavisse et in matrimonium duxisse. a. Convert – Eutropius wrote that Antony cherished Cleopatra and led her into matrimony. b. Head verb – scripsit (perfect)

c. Subject(s) of IS – Antonium (accusative)

m. Verb(s) in IS – amavisse ain duxisse (perfect active)

your five. Multi Romani cognoverunt Octavianum Antonium ainsi que Cleopatram ad Actium combattere. a. Translate – Many Romans recognized that Octavian, Antony and Cleopatra were fighting at Actium. w. Head verb – cognoverunt...


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