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IS DEFINITELY define:well-informed perception of guarantee that the info risks and controls will be in balance

History of IS USUALLY: computer reliability began following first mainframes were produced Rand Statement R-609 pc security(physical security) into

details security: security of data,

limiting unauthorized access to data,

involvement of personnel coming from multiple leves of an business

Key words and concepts:

multiple layers of secutity: physical, personnel, operations, sales and marketing communications, network, Data

Information reliability: protection of information and its essential elements: systems and hardwares that use, shop and transmit information Element of Info. System: software, hardware, people, info, procesures, sites CIA triangle(industry standard to get computer security): confidentiality, integrity, availability A lot of key words: subject, access, advantage, attack, exploit, loss, coverage, protection profile, subject, control, risk, menace, threat agent, vulnerability Principles: security could be a balance among protection and availability Infromation's characteristics: availability, accuracy, authenticity, confidentiality, (the value details comes from) integrity, energy, possession Approaches to is execution: bottom-up: benefits: technical expertise of (less use) person administrator

dis: lack participant support and organizational staying power top-down: initiated by simply upper management (widely use) also called systems development existence cycle

Security systems life cycle: investigation: EISP traces the execution (methodology totally different from traditions)

analysis: one particular risk management

2 legal issue

several analysis guidelines and applications

4 evaluation threats and controls

rational design: 1 bule produce, incident response,

disaster recovery

two decide outsourced or continuing

physical design and style: 1 make a decision tech support

2 last design

implementation: one particular get secureness solutions

a couple of report to management

maintenance and change(most important)

roles: cio, ciso, info owners, info custodians, info users


1 possess

2 include


4 computer security physical

5 the standard of market to judge a systems reliability

6 spent critical features, the breadth of material that based on it 7 show the value of information.

8 poeple, people

being unfaithful multics

12 rand statement r-609

10 keep corporation staying in power

12 make sure a thorough process and increases the potential for success 13 champion, staff leader, secureness policy builders, risk analysis specialists, protection professionals, systems administrators, end user, champion 13 art: not any universally approved rules and solutions no manual technology: deal with pc scientists and engineering

technoloy in demanding pherformance

fault caused by hardware or application or their particular interaction sufficient time can resolve the problems

lessen levels of risk cuased by end users and create more acceptable and supportable protection profiles. 15 cio

16 research in computer reliability centered on multics

seventeen because flanke report R-609

18 have

19 data owner, data users

20 winner



Business requirement for IS:

No dangers: improve system result in relieve use of facts.

Concept: business first, technology last

IS Four func for business:

Shield organization's capability to func: the obligation is basic boss and IT manager Consider organization impact as well as its interruption price Enable Safe operation of apps: environment safeguards you�re able to send infrastructure employing company's THIS syste Management keep supervise infrasturcture Safeguard data gathers and uses: data in motion including rest...


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