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Time: Please make reference to your lecturer for particulars Marks: 30% of total assessment Advised length: Maximum of 2500 words (excluding sortie, references and bibliography) While some may see this kind of as a limit in the degree of detail you might include, its purpose is always to encourage one to focus on the difficulties and key concepts of every question. The word limit likewise encourages one to write concisely, a skill highly valued in operation. As a general rule appended material should not exceed 10% of the volume of the actual job, i. elizabeth. 250 phrases. Topics covered: 1 -- 5


  All assignments have to be submitted on the web by the deadline. Instructions for how to fill in your job are added with these research materials. Hardcopy submissions are not accepted.


   You must include a title page that lists your name, Student ID and the device number and title. Number all internet pages sequentially. Any kind of published materials you make reference to should be effectively referenced and included in a bibliography at the end of your project (see Plagiarism notice overleaf).

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Plagiarism is a form of cheating, by addressing someone else's are your very own or applying someone else's operate (another student's or author's) without recognizing it with a reference. This really is a serious infringement of the Educational Regulations and will also be dealt with consequently. Students identified to have plagiarised can be omitted from the program. Plagiarism occurs whenever you do any of the following items without acknowledging the original resource:    backup information by any origin (including the analysis guide, catalogs, newspapers, the internet) use another person's ideas or concepts summarise or perhaps paraphrase another person's work.

How can you avoid plagiarism? To ensure you are not plagiarising, you need to acknowledge having a reference if you:    employ another person's concepts, opinions or theory consist of any stats, graphs or images which were compiled or created simply by another person or organisation paraphrase another's created or spoken word.

By simply understanding and using one of the referencing devices detailed in Managing The Study (available on e-Communities), you will be able to avoid plagiarism. You will find three primary referencing systems:    the 'Harvard' or perhaps 'author/date' program; e. g. 'Smith (1985) listed five key factors' the 'Oxford' or 'footnote' system, elizabeth. g. 'Smith listed five key factors1' the use of end notes in place of footnotes.

For even more information on referencing please make reference to Managing Your Study. What are the fines? The penalties for stealing subjects are:    deduction of marks a mark of zero for the task or the product or exclusion from the software.

Plagiarism is definitely dealt with over a case-by-case basis and charges will echo the seriousness of the infringement. Please note: claiming that you are not aware of have to reference is not a excuse.


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