Differences between Advertising and Public Relations Dissertation

Variations Between Advertising and Pr

Advertising vs . public relations, both of these industries are very different although they're frequently confused to be one and the same. The following ten homes just scuff the surface of the many differences between advertising and public relations.

1 ) Paid Vs Free Coverage

* Marketing:

The company will pay for ad space. You know exactly when that ad can air or perhaps be printed. For Example:

Infosys gives an ad inside the Hindu upon Wednesdays inside the Opportunities steering column. So it provides the liberty and control to opt whether they want to give the ad on a particular Friday or not really depending on their requirement.

* Advertising:

Your job is to get free publicity to get the company. Coming from news conventions to press announcements, you're aimed at getting totally free media direct exposure for the corporation and its products/services. For Example:

Orde Nano is the best example of this kind of. Till today Nano was not advertised and everything its promotion is through PR.

2 . Creative Control Vs . Not any Control

2. Advertising:

Since you aren't paying for the space, you have creative control in what goes in to that advertisement. Any feature of the advertisement can be designed according to the way you want to represent the image of your company.

For Example:

Close-up portrays a youthful picture through it is advertisements, while Cadbury (which earlier acquired largely targeted the youth) has moved its emphasis and now tasks its candy as anything for the whole friends and family to enjoy during times of rejoicing.

* Public Relations:

You have zero control over how the media reveals (or misrepresents) information about your company. For Example:

Reliability did not include a control over the news which has been published regarding the conflict between Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani and had to pay for it in form of loss inside the share value (initially).

a few. Shelf Life

5. Advertising:

As you pay for the area, you can...


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