Paper VERSUS Electronic Mass media

Daily news vs . Electric Media: Work Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Hirohito Shibata; Fuji Photocopied Co., Limited., 6-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-8668, Japan


Table 1 ) CO2 emissions per unit quantity for each product

This presentation quantitatively compares paper and

electronic digital media from your perspectives of CO2 exhausts and job efficiency. Ought to we reject paper out of hand based on

environmental considerations? May electronic examining devices replace paper books for amusement and job? I talk about these issues depending on various studies and tests.



Although the paperless office has become repeatedly ignored

as a fable [1], since 08, the consumption of office paper in Japan provides actually declined. With the creation of electronic studying devices such as Apple's ipad device and the Latest kindle, the idea of the paperless office is back all over the news. How critically should put into effect this second coming with the paperless business office? What will happen to paper? Exactly what are the relative merits of paper and

electronic media? My co-workers and I at Fuji Xerox are currently at the job on a research study that tries to answer these types of questions. This kind of presentation includes two parts. The initially part

analyzes paper to electronic press from an environmental

perspective, comparing CO2 emissions made by conventional paper vs .

electric media (e. g., computer system displays, projectors) for browsing or guide work. We also evaluate work efficiency for conventional paper vs . computer displays. The 2nd part analyzes paper books and

electronic reading devices (e. g., iPad, Kindle) and covers whether ebooks might actually replace paper literature.

This conventional paper is a quick report and addresses the particular results of the specific studies and experiments.






Desktop computer

17-inch Screen

19-inch Screen

Notebook PC




Memory: Below


CPU: Intel Main

Memory: A lot more than




Resolution: More

than 1290x800

Electronica Photo A3


CO2 emissions every

unit amount

49. 70 g/hour

98. 42 g/hour

23. thirty eight g/hour

twenty six. 34 g/hour

27. 59 g/hour

163. 58 g/hour

2 . fifty eight g/sheet

Environmental Impact: Newspaper vs . Pc



Stand 1 gives CO2 exhausts per device quantity for each and every

product. This data is based on figures for a lifetime cycle LASER emissions for every product received in The fall of 2010 from the website with the Japan Environmental Management Affiliation for Industry [2]. Figure one particular compares LASER emissions associated with each

method when examining an eight-page document. Studying from

paper generates LASER emissions just at the time the document is definitely printed. In such a case, the several hours spent studying do not have an effect on CO2 exhausts. On the other hand, once we read from displays, LASER emissions increase in proportion for the time spent reading. For longer reading classes, CO2 emissions tend to become lower for paper; to get reading many short files, CO2 emissions tend to end up being lower with computer exhibits.

NIP 28 and Digital Fabrication 2011

Figure 1 ) CO2 emissions associated with reading

Figure a couple of compares CO2 emissions for every single medium intended for the

circumstance of a ten-page document distributed in a meeting. If we deliver this document on paper, LASER emissions embrace proportion to the number of individuals participating in. If we use a projector and a single notebook PC, the number of participants doesn't impact CO2 emissions. In general, whenever we are sharing documents for any large appointment, CO2 exhausts are lower when we use projectors than when we distribute on paper. Whenever we share short documents in small categories of two or three, CARBON DIOXIDE emissions often be reduce when we deliver documents on paper.

Technical Software and Process


of key words in text when utilizing paper so when using laptop displays. Examining from newspaper was 6th. 8% more quickly than studying from exhibits. There was simply no significant...

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media in cross-reference studying for multiple documents, Diary of

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University (1994) and his PhD in architectural from the University or college of Tokyo



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