Computer Hardware Composition

п»їChapter 4 Considering Critically

1 . ) How come a motherboard sometimes support more than one Entrance Side Shuttle bus speed?

A motherboard occasionally supports multiple Front Aspect Bus acceleration to support many processors and memory that differ in bus rate.

2 . ) Why don't most buses on the motherboard run at the same acceleration?

The reason that all the chartering don't operate at the same acceleration on a motherboard is because a lot of devices for the board will be slower than others and don't require or perhaps can't support the same coach speed.

three or more. ) At the time you turn off the energy to a laptop at night, that loses the date, and you simply must reenter it every morning. What is the challenge and how do you really solve this?

The problem is the fact that battery that runs the internal clock is no good. You either have to replace the battery or perhaps buy a fresh motherboard.

some. ) For what reason do you think the trend is to retail store configuration information about a mainboard in CMOS RAM instead of by using jumpers or fuses?

I think the trend to store setup information on a motherboard in CMOS instead of by using jumpers or fuses because it is much easier.

5. ) Why do you consider the trend should be to put more control such as the graphics control mechanism and the storage controller inside the processor instead of in the chip-set?

6. ) When troubleshooting a mainboard, you discover the network dock no longer function. What is the very best and least expensive solution to this problem? In the event that this answer does not work, which will solution in the event you try up coming?

c. ) Use a cellular network unit in a UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS port to connect to a wi-fi network. m. ) Eliminate the network port and install a network card in an expansion slot machine.

7. ) A computer stalls at unusual times. At first, you suspect the power supply or overheating, but have eradicated overheating and replaced the power supply with out solving the challenge. What do you do subsequent?

e. ) Flash THE BIOS

Chapter five Thinking Seriously

1 . ) You need to up grade memory within a system however you don't have the motherboard...


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