1. What " language” need to a microcomputer talk to be able to interface with the Internet? Ans= some form of TCP/IP

2 . The type of applications might make use of a sensor to local area network layout? Ans= Assembly line automatic control devices, oven temperature controls three or more. Why is network architecture beneficial?

Ans= permits compatibility between products and permits products to interoperates. 4. List the seven levels of the OSI model.

Ans= *Application *Presentation *Session *Transport *Network *Data link *Physical

5. List the five layers in the TCP/IP process suite. How can the layers of the OSI model match up against the levels of the TCP/IP protocol suite? Ans= *Application layer: - Equivalent to OSI application and presentation layers.

*Transport layer: - Equivalent to OSI transport layer.

*Network Coating: - Equal to OSI network layer. *Network Access: -- Equivalent to OSI data website link and physical layers.

six. What are some of the more common applications found in the TCP/IP process suite? Ans= Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to allow Mozilla and servers to send and receive World Wide Web pages в– Simple Postal mail Transfer Process (SMTP) to let users to deliver and acquire electronic mail в– File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to copy files from one computer system to a different Telnet to permit a remote customer to sign in to another personal computer в– Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to allow the various elements within a computer network to be managed from an individual point

7. What is the between a logical connection and a physical interconnection? Ans= In logical connection exist just in the application, while a physical connection is usually one that are present only in hardware

almost 8. How does concurrence apply to the communications industry? Ans= In form of media press and public speaking.

being unfaithful. What is the decibel decrease of a signal that starts at point A having a strength of 2000 w and ends at level B having a strength of 400 w? Ans= 10*log10 (400/2000)

15. What is the decibel loss in a signal starting at 60 watts and experiences a 10-dB damage over a offered section of cable? Ans= 10-db = 10*log10(x/50)

11. Precisely what is the decibel loss of a sign that loses half the power during transmission? Physical exercises for the Details sections:


doze. Using Nyquist's theorem, determine the data transfer rate of your signal that has 16 several levels and a rate of recurrence of 20, 000 Hz. Ans=

13. Employing Shannon's theorem, calculate the information transfer level given this information: transmission frequency = 10, 000 Hz, sign power sama dengan 5000 w and noise power sama dengan 230 w Ans=

16. Using Nyquist's theorem and given a frequency of 5000 Hertz and a data rate of 20, 000 bps, just how many signal levels (L) will be needed to convey this kind of data Ans=

12-15. Draw in chart form the ac electricity representation with the bit style 11010010 for the digital encoding plans NRZ-L, NRZI, Manchester, gear Manchester, and bipolar- AMI. Ans=

16. Precisely what is the bit par seconde rate of a digital transmission that utilizes differential Stansted and contains a data transfer level of 2k bps? Ans= 2000bps 5. 2 = 4000bps (In differential Stansted it uses a couple of as a signal) 17. Why is the cable inside turned pair turned? 2 . How does crosstalk take place in twisted match wire? Ans= Very often is made up of one or more pairs of wire connections and they are turned around one another. Electromagnetic light is released from one line which is acquired by the second wire. 18. For what purposes will be Category 5e, 6, and 7 garbled pair line used? Ans=CAT 5e-is similar to category five in that is recommended for gears of 100Mbps (100MHZ) intended for 100 yards. CAT 6th is designed to support data transmitting with indicators as high as 200MHZ for 100 meters. KITTEN 7- is just beginning to appear in Europe and North America. It really is designed to support 600 MHZ of bandwidth for 95 meters. nineteen. What are the huge benefits and disadvantages of shielded garbled pair? Ans=Advantages: - *It can...


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