Essay upon Case Study you Group Leader

Case study one particular: Harrington Collection: Sizing In the Active-Wear Industry Course: Tactical Marketing (BUAD 6300)

Shown to: Dr . Madiha

Group Brand: Alpha Crew

Group Members:

Fady Sobhy

Sherry Izvodi

Hany Guriguis

Mohamed Un Kilany

Mohamed Abdou Ibrahim

Questions presented in the case in the section of " Making the Decision” because follow (4):

1- What is the potential competitive reaction?

The USA market is a highly competitive market as shown in case study, the US retail revenue of women's apparel in 2007 reached 133$ billion dollars, accordingly a large number of competing brands and with the start of the fresh active have on line by Harrington, the manufacturer will be competitive both intended for market share as well as shelf space in stores nationwide, this will likely terrify your competition. The rivals will respond by adding both vertically, as well as horizontally to kill the family member new entrant Harrington inside the active-wear parts sub segment. The up and down integration in the competition can lead to price primarily based strategy competition, and also maybe a higher markups for the distribution stations that can get rid of the distribution of Harrington, as well as the horizontal structured integration can result like a fewer rack space areas, and limited distribution to our stores just which could result the predicted sales can drop. Harrington has a competitive edge in the competition within their stores have got specialized staff and well-equipped teams that may efficiently manage all consumer queries, together with a cutting edge technology to track products on hand and revenue information, which allowed the manufacturing group to quickly react to industry demands and improve production leading to cut short the developing cycles.

2- Will both department and specialty shops enthusiastically support this new product line?

The division and specialised stores will enthusiastically support this new products as it is produced by Harrington's which support the distribution stations by...


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