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Brownies became popular across America from the twenties. Today, research online in the internet can discover over 100, 000 brownie tested recipes. The variations seem endless, containing many methods from candy to coffee beans (Bletz, 2014). As being a new variation, the company presents a new style of brownies having Moringa Oleifera or perhaps better known as Malunggay while the flavor due to the growing recognition and significance.

Malunggay is a popular yard plant in the Philippines. It really is once termed as a poor male's vegetable, but is now attaining international focus as a " superfood” of " miraculous tree” with its proven vitamins and minerals and many uses (Gamana, 2013). This product hopes to offer persons a healthy way of living featuring the additional benefits and nutritional ideals of the stated plant, just for this product will be presented as being a food health supplement to children, teenagers and adults.

Studies show the fact that Malunggay flower is trusted as herbal medicine for a number of illness and also other practical uses. Malunggay is known as a very nutritious plant, exactly where it is utilized to combat malnutrition in under developed countries particularly for infants and mothers, and also as having antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti yeast properties (NA & Identico, 2003). These types of studies show the effectiveness of the rose and its great help to peoples' health this is why this grow was chosen as the modern flavor in the brownies.

Nowadays, folks are looking for dissimilarities and distinctions between products and so , businesses are challenged in developing new products for people. This system is a way to people who requirements food supplements, but do not wish to consider the usual medicine like in the forms of capsules, syrups, and so forth This company is working to provide food supplements in the form of Malunggay brownies. People, who will avail the said item, will get to offer the all-time favourite dessert, the brownies in addition take pleasure in and enjoying the benefits of the particular nutritious Malunggay plant.

Thus, the Moringa Oleifera or Malunggay plant is definitely chosen because the uncooked material from the product which is food supplements by means of brownies. This product will be wanted to suit the requires of people who require help to their very own health offering the health values and several benefits of Malunggay.


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The primary purpose of the business is to give a healthy lifestyle and living in the present era specifically to children with ages 7-12, teenagers 13-19 and adults with ages 20 and over. The company provides food supplements by means of Moringa Oleifera or Malunggay brownies as the products. These types of brownies will give you the unique benefits and health values of malunggay leaves and flower to overall health.

To be able to create the product, the business will be providing a alliance to the Malunggay Plantation in Pacol, Naga City. This kind of plantation can provide the Malunggay plant since the main element or organic material from the brownies as food supplements. The partnership will be having 70 percent of the revenues for we and the remaining 30% for the Malunggay Plantation. The Cacao Plantation and Industrial sectors will also be an additional supplier to get our company. The organization will be supervision. Under this, there will be subgroups such as the Monetary, Operational and Human Resources departments. The Malunggay Plantation could be the head for the Operational department and underneath them may be the Cacao Farm building and Sectors together with the different suppliers.


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