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Bond Examination

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Oct 9, 2012

Table of Contents

Boeing Company3

Connection Issue3

Unsystematic Risk4

Primary Repayment4

Financial debt to Invested Capital4

Debts to Equity4

Current & Quick Ratios5

Interest Repayment5

Times Fascination Earned5

Credit rating Position6

Competitor Analysis6

General Dynamics6

Northrop Grumman7

Organized Risk7

Industry Responsiveness7


Modified Duration9

Accuracy of Rating9

Interest Expectations9



Detailed Statistics11

Regression Analysis11

Duration & Revised Duration12


Boeing Organization

Boeing is a company of aircrafts and countrywide defense equipment making it a part of the Jetstream & Protection industry. It was founded in Seattle, Buenos aires on July 15, 1916. It is based in Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES. Commercial airplane include the 737, 747, 777, and very just lately, the 787. Military items consist of high-dexterity and devious aircraft like a the A-10 Thunderbolt II and highly-efficient and strong satellites including the Boeing 601. 1 The biggest opponents are Northrop Grumman, Basic Dynamics, and Airbus. According to Morningstar, Boeing utilized 171, seven hundred people and revenue come to $69 billion in 2012. two Bond Concern

The bond I possess chosen to examine is a debenture with a maturity date of August 12-15, 2021. Morningstar shows this kind of bond concern consists of 4 hundred million $1, 000 par value you possess with 398 of them excellent. The connect is a semi-annual fixed voucher bond with an annual charge of 8. 75%. The accrual start off date was August 12-15, 1991. The first life from the bond was 30 years plus the remaining life as of October 2012 is a little over eight years and 10 a few months. This relationship issue is usually noncallable, non-putable, non-convertible, and it is not subject to Rule 144A. These a genuine are currently selling at 135. 20% of par worth as of September 29, 2012, making their price $1, 352. Regular & Poor's NetAdvantage rates this issue as an A. It is current deliver ratio is definitely 6. forty seven. I have been enthusiastic about airplanes. My initially experiences flying were in Boeing aircrafts. I also chose this kind of bond issue because of Boeing's large size, status, and economic security. Choosing a debenture is risky and requires strong financial security since the simply security backing it is the giving company's credit score. With a current yield of 6. 47 resulting from the relatively excessive coupon level of 8. 75%, this is a great connect for a set income (coupon pays $87. 50 annually). Unsystematic Risk

Principal Repayment

Financial debt to Spent Capital

In recent years, Boeing's debt to capital ratios have been 42% for 3 years ago, 112. 9% for 08, 85. 2% for 2009, 80. 6% for 2010, and 74. 0% for the finish of 2011. Boeing's total debt to invested capital ratio is definitely 65. 53% (as of June 2012)3. Standard & Poor's calculates this while (total debt)/(total equity + total debt), 2, 466, 000+8, 735, 0005, 892, 000+11, 201, 000. Because of this debt is the reason for 65% of invested capital. Boeing still has 35% of capital which is not tied to debt. This is great compared to the last few years. This ratio is on the downward craze. Debt to Equity

Boeing's total debt to equity ratio is usually 1 . 51 (as of June 2012) 3, meaning that for every $1 in fairness there is $1. 51 of debt. This is calculated because 8, 735, 0005, 804, 000 within the balance sheet. In respect to Regular & Poor's Industry Review, Boeing's financial debt to collateral ratio at the end of 2011 was 2 . 85. The Aerospace & Defense industry average coming from 1981 to 2011 was 0. 85. 4 The industry study states that Boeing's substantial debt to equity rate is due to the " monetary arms” as it has a significant financing department. It is also likely due to its new model planes, the 787 Dreamliner, which will requires a relatively expensive developing processes – unibody parts made up of amalgamated carbon fiber components – and advanced...

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