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EE 4BI6 Electric powered Engineering Biomedical Capstones 4-27-2009 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Design of a Bionic Hand Using No Invasive User interface

Evan McNabb

McMaster School

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Design of a Bionic Hand Using Not Invasive Software


Evan McNabb

Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Style Project (4BI6) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Design of a Bionic Hand Applying NonInvasive Program


Evan McNabb

Electric and Biomedical Engineering Teachers Advisor: Prof. Doyle

Electric and Biomedical Engineering Project Report submitted in part fulfillment from the degree of Bachelors of Anatomist

McMaster University or college Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Apr 27, 2009



The use of a bionic hand by using a non unpleasant interface can be described as project geared towards restoring engine function and limited physical information to a patient that has lost a hand or an provide. The use of a user friendly interface that provides the user control with their performing hand easily simplifies daily activities that will otherwise be a little more difficult. Signal extraction can be had from the control unit employing magnetic Corridor Effect detectors which then act as a 2-bit binary positional system intended for the output in the bionic hand. Electronic circuitry must be created to safely transmit control indicators to equipment and also mail appropriate output pulses to drive the mechanical system. Moreover a microcontroller must be programmed for the logical control of the output according to control signals and feedback from pressure sensors around the bionic palm. Important assumptive developments happen to be discussed having a design technique on implementing the solution. Type regulation is developed to isolate the control alerts from the microcontroller to protect an individual and the gear of any kind of possible destruction. Logical coding is done around the microcontroller through C to receive inputs and act as a 2-to-4 decodierer for outcome paths, with appropriate outcome pulses for the motors. Moreover the development is able to get feedback from your hand in the proper execution or pressure sensors that alert an individual when items are grasped and strongly held. This kind of report proves with a critical analysis from the results acquired and upcoming recommendations on delivering a more exact project.

Key phrases: Bionic, non-invasive human-computer software, Hall Result, pressure feedback, motor control, programming, microcontroller.



I would like to thank Doctor Doyle who have served as our job coordinator through the entire entire 4BI6 course pertaining to his confidence and recommendations for the design and scope of the project. Dr . Sirouspour, Dr . Patriciu, and teaching associate Jason Thong gave very useful advice throughout the year and had been more than happy to help us in just about any questions there were. Special bless you must be extended to Captain christopher Kidd pertaining to his function and contribution to this job. The Bionic Hand could hardly have been finished without his enthusiasm and attempt to make the best out of this prospect. His great attitude built all the lengthy days inside the lab worth every minute.





Sources: [1] Micera S, Carrozza MC, Beccai L, Vecchi F, Dario P. Hybrid bionic devices for the replacement of hand function. Proc. IEEE (USA) Sept. 2006; 94(9): 1752-1762


Valenzuela SO , Tinkham M. Direct electronic way of measuring of the " spin " Hall impact. Nature (UK) 13 This summer 2006; 442(7099): 176-179.


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