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Introductionpage 3

Objectives, Scope of, Budgetpage a few

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Life Routine, Time Planpage 7

Risks Identification and Responsespage on the lookout for

Monitor and Controlpage 15

Key Achievements and Conclusionspage 11

Referencespage 13


In 1996 the city of Cleveland started out a $750 million Flower Enhancement Program. The program's goal was to renovate and modernize the city's several water treatment facilities, which can be among the 12 largest in america, and were built in 1856; over five-hundred million gallons of normal water are driven to Cleveland residents daily. In the subsequent paper I attempt to offer with a summary of the Baldwin Water Function Plant Development Program (PEP) (one of the four drinking water treatment facilities) scope, time plan, costs, and objectives; describe the program's life cycle levels required to implement all tasks involved; indentify and assess the conceivable associated hazards, and present the particular risk replies; define the controlling and monitoring process of the program; indentify and evaluate the construction items of the program's strategy that were important to reach essential achievements. Aims, Scope of Work, Budget

The first step for the definition of the Plant Enhancement Program's (PEP) aims is indentifying the need that the set of jobs attempt to satisfy: developed in 1924, Baldwin Water Works Plant is in need of renovations and improvements. The next step is for the program management consultant (PMC) to know the courses objectives. Through this business circumstance, as in many other cases, PMC is not really assigned early on enough to be able to participate in the formation of the goals; the aims are structured on the program's sponsor (City of Cleveland Water Division) (Kerzner 2013, pg. 509). Furthermore, to be able to understand and validate PEP's objectives must, the PMC must consider under consideration PEP's public nature; public programs' objectives " should be aligned with the crucial priorities in the society as well as the needs in the users” (Samset as reported in Shiferaw and Klakegg, par. one particular, pg. 14). According to the require and PEP's nature, PMC must reach the following objectives: Evaluate and optimize hydrant

Rehabilitate and modernize drinking water treatment facility, making sure it is at its highest operational efficiency and safety Develop and apply new flower operating system

Reconstruct establishments resulting in the lowest water rates possible Limit future facilities' operational and maintenance costs Renovate the present administration building, while maintaining it is historical framework Supply Cleveland's downtown and eastside areas with spending safe pasable water (City of Cleveland 2010, pg. 20).

When the PMC has identified the PEP's aim, it needs to validate these types of objectives in the scope of work (Kezner 2013, pg. 521). The Task Management Specialist is responsible for all project actions including planning, design, and construction, and cost, time and quality managing. PMC shall: reconstruct and improve drinking water treatment services by upgrading plant's regulators and plumbing, rehabilitating plant's filters, and moving by a manual operational program to PLC-based operational system; provide schooling and hands-on assistance within the new operational system for all employees; satisfy and go beyond existing and future restrictions set by state of Ohio; conduct architectural and structural treatment of Baldwin Water Works historical supervision building. Finally, during reconstructions and refurbishments the PMC shall maintain your plant detailed. After the business of the program's objectives and scope of, the PMC must estimation the project's completion period, and all costs involved; PMC must develop the program's time plan and spending budget. One of the most useful tools for accomplishing those two responsibilities is Function Breakdown Structure (WBS) (Lewis 2007, pg. 56)....

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