Aquarius Advertising and marketing Agency two Essay

Part a couple of: Organizational Approach and Framework

The consultants were interested in the suggested

structu lso are. With the removal of one level of district detailed supervision, retail outlet managers may have more liberty and

responsibility. The district liaison crew would set up a cooperative group approach to administration that could be followed within shops. Focusing retail store responsibility about the same manager will encourage coordination within stores and adaptation to regional conditions. Irgi would offer a focus of responsibility intended for storewide administrative changes.

Part 2: Structural Design for Organizations

The consultants also believed which the proposed structure could be broadened to accommodate non-grocery lines and gourmet models if they were included in C & C's future

plans. Within each store, a new deparrment administrator could

be added pertaining to pharmaq•, gourmet/specialty items, or other

significant departments. The district team could be broadened

to include experts in these lines, as well as an info technology manager to act because liaison to get stores inside the district.

SHOW 2 . 3

Aquarius Marketing

Agency Firm


Plank of Administrators


Aquarius Advertising Agency88

The Aquarius Advertising Organization is a medium-sized firm

that offered two basic services ro irs clients: custom-made

plans intended for the content associated with an advertising campaign (for example, slogans and layouts) and complete programs for multimedia (such because radio, TELEVISION SET, newspapers, advertisements, and Internet).

Additional services included a id in marketing and syndication of products and marketing analysis to test advertising effectiveness.

The activities were organ ized in a traditional manner.

The business chart can be shown in Exhibit 2 . 23. Each department included similar features. Each consumer account was coordinated by an account professional who acted as a liaison between the consumer and the various specialists within the professional staff of the businesses and...


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