Alugbati Basella Rubra Organic Tea Dissertation

Alugbati (Basella rubra) Organic Tea

A Science Investigatory Project

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The Local Technology Fair



Anica Shane Sixth is v. Cabrera


Submitted to: В

Mr. Michael M. Safred

Study Adviser

August 8, 2011



Since tea become newly trend across the world this kind of generation it is a worldly desire to have a glass of it. The main conflict with this analyze is that tea are believed to contain fluoride-based and caffeine which will lead to our body in a negative way. This point brought the researcher to the study. A good thing is that Alugbati leaves no longer even include fluoride and caffeine. This kind of ideology fulfills the investigator to use this kind of thing being a fine method to obtain tea.

Alugbati leaves that show no indications of were collected and dried naturally to get an hour. After removing the unnecessary materials such as dirt, the leaves were yang lain out on a clean sheet and processed after an hour or so. The leaves were roasted in a skillet over a low fire to reduce its water and to sterilize it. This procedure also enhances the taste in the tea.

However , the results shows a potential to can get on the level of typical teas. The researcher concludes that alugbati can be a excellent source of tea that will absolutely contribute to mans health. Further more studies must bring progression to the item.



This dissertation will not have been likely without the guidance and the assistance of several individuals who in a single way or another contributed and extended all their valuable assistance in the preparing and completion of this analyze.

To start with, my maximum gratitude to my Parents Mister. Emmanuel D. Cabrera and Chelo Sixth is v. Cabrera in whose sincerity and encouragement I will never forget and also for the financial support to finish this kind of research studies.

Mr. Michael Meters. Safred, your research II mechanic for this individual has been my personal inspiration ?nternet site hurdle every one of the obstacles inside the completion this kind of research work.

Mrs. Georgia Talabong, the head with the Science Teachers, for molding our skills in Reserch.

Last but not the least, myВ familyВ and the one above all people, Lord Our god, for responding to my praying for supplying me the strength to stnd up inspite of myВ В wanting to give up and give up, thank you so much Special Lord.




Tea-drinking is absolutely the new trend. Well, easy methods to so all over the world, but the fever seems to be getting here in Korea. Tea is currently a much-preferred drink by many. Tea is usually native to East and South Asia and most probably recovered throughout the point of confluence with the lands of north Burma, northeast India, Tibet, and southwest China Tibet. The application of tea as a beverage was initially recorded in China. Tea is a superexcellent drink with wonderful color, scent and taste. Besides its main function as a refreshment, tea has various exceptional uses. Tea has been enjoyed by the Chinese language and Japanese cultures for hundreds of years, yet they have not been until comparatively recently the fact that rest of the world has discovered the complacency of green tea. Tea has disputed health benefits. That affects people differently and that there are many types of tea that have different health benefits. The future of tea lies in whole leaves. We desire for the ability of tea that was lost to ease. But it can an art form gowns slowly becoming revived since the market is ready. Today, there seems to be more fascination and appreciation of the finer things, and pretty much like the evolution of coffee, tea is on its way to becoming a staple around the globe.


There have been loads of research and researches lately showing a boat-load of good health rewards from tea drinking. Every...


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