Akt.. Social fear 2 Test Paper

Annexure ‘D'


English language Language and Literature

Code No . 184


Division of Syllabus to get Term II (OctoberMarch)

Summative Assessment 2





Literature & Value Centered


Formative Assessment

Total Weightage Assigned










fifty percent

The question conventional paper will include Benefit Based Question(s) from Books Section towards the extent of 3-5 marks


• The total weightage assigned to Summative Analysis (SA I& II) IS USUALLY 60%. The overall weightage assigned to Formative Assessment (FA1, 2, a few, & 4) is forty percent. Out of the forty percent assigned to Formative Examination, 10% weightage is designated to chat skills (5% each in Term I& II) and 10% weightage to the Studying Project (at least you Book shall be read in each term and the Job will carry a weightage of five per cent in every term)

The Summative Assessment We and Summative Assessment II is for eighty marks. The weighatge given to Summative Assessment I actually is 30% and the weightage assigned to Summative Evaluation II can be 30%.


20 Markings

30 times

Qs 1-4 This section may have four undetectable passages of the total length of 800 words. The agreement within the studying section can be as follows:

Queen 1 Factual passage of about 200 phrases with Five Multiple Choice Questions five marks

Queen. 2 . Bright passage of 200 phrases with 5 Multiple Choice Questions. 5 marks

Q. 3. Literary passage with five supply type concerns

5 represents

Q. some. Five source type concerns based on Poems to test inference, evaluation and analysis your five marks


20 Marks

40 times

Q 5. Letter Writing: One out of two letters (formal/informal/email) in not more than 120150 terms based on spoken stimulus and context supplied. Any one away of three 5 markings


• Informal letters-– personal, such as to friends and family • Formal letters – letters to the editor

• Email: formal letters to principal with the schools in order to the Manager of a Paper or a Mag. Q. 6. An article or a speech in 120 – 150 words, based on stimulation provided. (Any out of two). 5 marks

Queen. 7. A debate in not more than 120-150 words, based upon the stimulus provided. your five marks

Queen. 8. A composition as dialogue writing/ story or report of minimum 120-150 words (one out of two)

five marks


15 Marks

45 intervals

This section can assess Grammar items in context pertaining to 15 markings. This section will certainly carry four questions

Q. 9 may have MCQs of three markings. The test types for MCQs include:

3 marks

• Gap completing

• Word completion

Queen. 10 may have MCQs of three marks. The test type for MCQ will be based about: 3 markings

• Discussion Completion

Q. 11 Three supply type questions test type include sentence reordering: 3 markings

Q. 12 Supply type questions upon editing / omission

6x1 = 6th marks

Queries 11 and 12(total on the lookout for marks) will be based on response supplied by learners. (Supply Type Questions)

These kinds of test types which will not really be tested as MCQs include

• Sentence reordering

• Editing/ Omission

• Sentence modification (including combining of sentences) The Grammar syllabus will incorporate the following areas in class By: • Tenses

• Modals (have to/had to, need to, should, will need, ought to and the negative forms) • Usage of passive tone

• Subject matter – action-word concord

• Reporting

(i). Commands and requests

(ii). Statements

(iii). Questions


• Noun condition

• Form word clauses of condition and time

Relative clauses

Determiners, and


Be aware: No distinct marks are allotted for just about any of the sentence structure items in the above list.



thirty five Marks

95 periods

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