2301 Final Exam Workbook 2 Composition


Goal 1 . you

Define mindset.

Key Terms

Psychology- scientific study of behavior and mental processes


1 ) Put the mark by simply each declaration that is authentic regarding mindset. _в€љ____ Individuals study human behavior.

_в€љ____ Psychologists study animal patterns.

_ в€љ___ Psychologists study emotions and mental processes.

_____ Psychology and " common sense" lead to precisely the same conclusions about behavior and mental operations. _____ Psychology is not a science.

Aim 1 . 2

Define the scientific method, and explain how it can be used in mindset.

Key Terms

technological method

Physical exercises

1 . Precisely what is the main purpose of the scientific method?

2 . The steps with the scientific approach are (1) identify a problem or study question, (2) design a study, (3) accumulate data, (4) analyze info, (5) pull conclusions, and (6) speak findings. Determine the stage associated with each one of the following activities: _____ Dr . Lopez known " absent" or " present" by each student's name in the class spin at each class meeting. This individual recorded students' exam scores on his rotate sheet as well. _____ Dr . Lopez hypothesized that college students who consistently attend school get bigger grades than patients who will be absent more frequently. _____ Doctor Lopez released the benefits of his study in the Journal of Community College or university Teaching. _____ Dr . Lopez calculated the correlation among his students' rates of absence and the exam ratings and found the two variables were absolutely associated. _____ Dr . Lopez planned in order to students' attendance and examination scores and correlate both of these variables towards the end of the semester. _____ Doctor Lopez deduced that the data he gathered supported his hypothesis about the relationship between attendance and exam scores.

Objective 1 . 3

Illustrate the major disciplines and assumptive perspectives in psychology.

Search terms



humanistic psychology

cognitive mindset

evolutionary psychology

biological psychology

sociocultural approach


1 . Fill in the chart listed below.

School of Thought

Crucial Theorist(s)

Key Ideas



Humanistic psychology

Cognitive psychology

Major psychology

Biological psychology

Sociocultural approach

Goal 1 . some

Define and explain the differences among the different descriptive exploration methods.

Key Terms

naturalistic observation

laboratory statement

case study



correlation coefficient

Physical exercises

1 . Fill in the data below.




Naturalistic statement

Laboratory remark

Case study



installment payments on your Classify each of the following for instance of (a) naturalistic remark, (b) lab observation, (c) case study, (d) survey, or (e) relationship. a. A professor compared his students' attendance rates to their degrees. She identified that pupils with fewer absences were known to acquire higher marks. b. Psychologists studying out and out aggression in early childhood found that the average of 4 instances of striking or pressing occurred during each hour that they put in watching several two-year-olds socialize in a day-care classroom. c. A cell phone poll discovered that 37% of participants had a good opinion of " Sparkle" toothpaste. g. A hidden camera recorded the behavior of guy and female research participants who were asked to wait for a long period of time in a space in which a researcher had located a stack of pornographic magazines. elizabeth. A psychologist who was thinking about job fulfillment gathered in-depth, detailed information regarding organizations whose workers reported being highly satisfied with their very own jobs.

3. Why does relationship fail to show causation?

Target 1 . your five

Define consultant sample and explain how come it is important.

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