An Introduction to this article Five of the united states Constitution

The U.S. Constitution

Article Five, clause two of america Constitution

states, "under the Authority of america, [the Constitution]

shall be the supreme law of the area." Due to the actual fact that

the current activist federal government is pursuing inconsistent plans,

many believe the Constitution is becoming irrelevant because no guiding

principles appear to are present. Thomas Jefferson once stated, "The

Constitution belongs to the living rather than to the dead." Consequently,

it can often be referred to as a "living" document as a result of its regular

alteration and reexamination; accordingly, the Constitution hasn't

become irrelevant in defining the goals of American federal government. This

will be proven by examining the way the Constitution ensures and upholds

American ideas of privileges, defines governmental structures, permits

an increase in governmental development, and permits the Supreme Courtroom to

shape and define public policy through Constitutional


Through years of research on court conditions, political scientists