An Examination of Morality in the fantastic Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Morality and Gatsby

Morality is an extremely controversial issue. That's among the reasons what persons are

interested in reading about any of it. Morality can cause many questions essentially it can lead

to the question between right and incorrect. In THE FANTASTIC Gatsby Nick Carraway is certainly faced

with a constant struggle between correct and wrong.

Truth can be an issue of morality. Everything happened ina moment but it appeared to me that

she wished to speak to us, believed we were someone she knew. (Fitzgerald 151) Daisy

and Gatsby tried to hide the actual fact that they strike and killed Myrtle Wilson while driving home

from NY. Nick Carraway, however, knew the reality and had to choose if he was

going to greatly help hide the truth or allow Daisy and Gatsby undergo the results. I don t

think that anybody saw us but of course I could t be certain. (Fitzgerald 151). Gatsby felt

that he could hide the automobile and with it he could conceal the truth. The simple truth is that Myrtle

Wilson was killed and Daisy and Gatsby will be the types to blame. They can not hide