An Analysis of the existing Political Program in the French Revolution

A revolution could be described as a period when the masses, comprising ordinary men and women of all ages, grow weary of the existing political system and get started to take their lives and destinies to their unique hands. Abraham Lincoln once commented about the masses under a political program that, “Whenever they shall expand weary of the prevailing government, they are able to exercise their revolutionary to overthrow it.” This pertains to many of the uprisings ever sold, but it is particularly prevalent in the roots of the French Revolution. The distinct state of the masses could be seen through the countless eye of France, and the many conditions posed on the 3rd Estate had been the foundations for the French Revolution.

Participation in the American Revolution and after King Louis XIV's and Louis XVI's enormous expenses, the united states of France fell into very much accumulated debt in the past due 18th century. The result left from your debt after the country could be observed in its persons. Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, described a huge part of the masses when she wrote, “Tenderness and earnestness of the indegent people, who, regardless of the taxes with that they are overwhelmed, had been transported with joy at witnessing us.” The upper class, therefore, setup large taxes to save have them out of debt. To conserve France from bankruptcy, Louis XVI named on the Estates Basic for support. The Estates General was produced up of the Primary (clergy), Second (nobility), and Third (everybody else) Estate. However there is a whole lot of conflict within the Third Estate, since it was made up of everybody who was simply not part of the royal family members, clergy,