A In depth Biography of Napoleon, the Legendary Body in French History


Napoleon restored confidence, imposed buy and ensured

the gains of the French revolution. He was regarded as a

legendary figure in French record. Napoleon rose though sheer

ambition, drive, and cleverness, to the epitome of

power.(Discover1) He conquered a lot of Europe, and created an

empire that will forever change the span of European history.

Although this did not happen over night. Born in Corsica on

August 15, 1769. Napoleon was raised with a family group of

radicals.(Discover1) Napoleon was the litter of eight healthy

children. At an early era, Napoleon Bonaparte read various books on

military campaigns, which he discovered to end up being amazing.(Discover1)

Napoleon left school on royal scholarship after graduating from

Ecole Militaire in Paris. Immediately after he was selected to be first

captain of the French army. In 1793 was chosen to Artillery

against Toulon. Napoleon was becoming known in France.

Ensuring that this military campaigns will be a gain for

the French, Napoleon waged battle with Austria,