A Consider the Practice of the Chiaroscuro




is an art strategy that was found in the Baroque Fine art period. The word

itself approximately means “light and dark.” It had been first used to

describe a kind of drawing on dark paper where an artist created

darker areas with ink and lighter areas with bright white paint. Without the

usage of “chiaroscuro,” virtually all paintings would appear two-dimensional,

but with this technique, paintings seem three-dimensional. Leonardo Da

Vinci started the fine art strategy, “chiaroscuro,” in the 15th

century and immediately after; many Italian performers used the technique in their

artwork. Between your paintings and artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci,

Michelangelo Caravaggio and Tiziano Vecellio, “chiaroscuro” was



Da Vinci was a renowned artist in the Italian Renaissance or Baroque

Art era. He was created on April 15th,

1452 in Vinci, Italy. For six years, Leonardo apprenticed with the

artist Andrea del Verrocchio where he discovered many different skills

incorporating carpentry, leather arts, metalworking, drawing and

sculpting. By age 20, he certified as a skillful artist in the

Guild of Saint Luke and he likewise created his very own workshop. From 1482

to 1499, Leonardo Da Vinci was appointed by